Phineas by Philippe Noguera

GUEST DOODLEWASH: Finding Inspiration

Yesterday, Philippe started a doodlewash, but was completely frustrated by it and it ended up in the bin. Things just weren’t coming together like he wanted, so I didn’t think there would be a Sunday’s with Philippe guest post day. But, while I was upstairs working on my post for later today, he ran up to show me his latest painting.

He hadn’t given up, but found his inspiration again from our little dog Phineas. For this doodlewash he says he added hints of blue to reflect the “melancolique” pose. He chose to do a wet on wet approach to let the colors flow and do more of the work.

The result is a lovely painting that restored his enthusiasm and put him in a much brighter mood today! Everyone has that day where they find it difficult to paint. That day when it feels like nothing is working out. But this proves that when you just keep going, great things always happen. Sometimes it just takes a second look.

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42 thoughts on “GUEST DOODLEWASH: Finding Inspiration

  1. It is an absolutely adorable, loving painting of your “baby!” I’m glad Philippe didn’t give up, and it give me inspiration when I know others experience the same! You are beautiful Phineas! and so you are Philippe 🙂 Charlie O…. you know how I feel about you! 🙂

  2. I love the different techniques you guys used to portray your baby. I remember yours with great details that show off Phineas’ fur. And this is certain a different look. I like the wet on wet technique though I don’t use it often because I’m a bit afraid to create mud. Philippe did a wonderful job creating a blend that doesn’t look like Symphony of Sh*t. Lol. No matter what technique is used, Phineas is definitely loved!

  3. Great stuff! I love the inclusion of blue (Philippe has clearly been eyeing my post from yesterday, but he didn’t have to go and outright trounce it!) it really does add a whole extra layer of emotion to it. Phineas is too cute.

    Ugh, the dreaded drought. These seem to last for days, weeks even where I’m concerned, so good on Philippe for brushing it off so swiftly!

    1. Philippe didn’t see your post sadly. He doesn’t even read 😥 But I bet I telepathically sent him the tip because your portrait was stunning! 😃 next time you have a drought, just contact me… I’ll bully you into continuing or provide empty promises of Citrus Polos until you resume! 😉👍🏻

      1. Haha! He should totally get on here! Or is he too busy doing more interesting stuff, like frolicking with Phineas?

        Citrus Polos?? OMG!! (bangs out ten portraits in one go) Haha, this place is always a bit of an inspiration, Charles, not least because you do it *every day*, and properly too. I struggle with a few times a week!

        1. Yeah… Philippe and the dog are currently chilling and do their own think right now. They chill more than frolic as that takes a lot of energy. Hehe… and I’m still challenging myself to paint everyday, but have to admit it’s really difficult some days. 😊 I’m sure I’m slow down a bit eventually, but right now I’m still trucking along. And “Charles” always makes me giggle because it sounds like what I was called only when I was in trouble. Lol

  4. Always good to go to a subject that pulls at your heart when painting isn’t going well. My painting ‘comfort blanket’ is painting cows… maybe i am just odd that way. It’s a lovely gentle study.

  5. How lovely with the pink in the ears too – bon bon! xo <3 love love love your message and Phileppe's doodlewash and the gorgeous Phineas. Never give up! (Re: your pooch's name – a Separate Peace was one of my favorite novels in high school!)

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