GUEST ARTIST: “Flowers Everywhere” by Ajeng Setyo Wardhan

These lovely doodlewashes are from Ajeng Setyo Wardhan in Bali, Indonesia (follow her on Instagram!). Ajeng works as an architect, and says she’s not that good with urban sketching. She prefers free-doodling, and started to publish her doodles on Instagram during #Inktober 2014.

“At first,” says Ajeng, “I was quite hesitant to play with tools other than pen and pencil and put some colors in my drawing. But, a friend challenged me to join #Inktober and since then, I’ve found this activity is very fun and relaxing.”

“And also, because of this event, I can see other artists’ works and I think their art is very inspiring as it makes me want to learn more about how to use other tools and materials, and expand my creativity in a fun way.”

Doodlewash by Ajeng Setyo Wardhani Ajeng will make a doodle on almost anything she finds laying around, whether it’s a sketchbook, paper towel, or receipt. Currently, she’s using a notepad she made from regular office paper, 80gsm.

She says, “I use Micron drawing pens, Faber-Castell watercolor cake, and a Koi water brush because they’re handy (and because I’m still a beginner).”

For inspiration, Ajeng gets the most from her two good friends who are also on Instagram – Failasufa An-Nizhamiya (@failasufaan) and Gusti Kaka (@gustikaka). “Their arts encourage me to doodle more – anything comes to my mind, I doodle it right away!”

She also likes to take walks around town, and capture things and moments she finds interesting (she’s an aspiring phonetographer too!). She’ll also check out other artists’ work in the art gallery nearby and, of course, the internet. “The more I see, the more I am inspired, right?”

To see more of Ajeng’s inspiring work, be sure to follow her on Instagram! Thanks so much for joining the doodlewash family Ajeng! And never stop doodlewashing! Your works are wonderful!

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