Doodlewashes by Karen Berstler

GUEST ARTIST: “Human Nature” by Karen Berstler

Today’s fantastic doodlewashes come to us from the talented Karen Berstler, originally from Drexel Hill, a small town outside of Philadelphia, but currently living in Newark, Delaware. Follow her WordPress blog, The White Swan, and also be sure to visit her website for more of her amazing work!

“I really can’t remember a time when I didn’t want to draw, or make something creative,” says Karen. “However, I was in middle school before I realized that it was something that I was good at, and also that it was something that the other kids weren’t necessarily good at. I focused on art as my main elective choice during high school, and went to Kutztown University as a Fine Arts major with a painting concentration.”

Immanence by Karen Berstler - doodlewash.comKaren absolutely fell in love with watercolor as soon as she had her first intro to watercolor class. After graduation, however, she experienced a severe creative drought.

Many years later, after the birth of her daughter, she took a hard, close look at her life and realized that she was denying this integral part of herself. “After a whole lot of self doubt and many fears (some realistic, most ridiculous), I began painting again.”

There was never any doubt that it would be in watercolor. Over these years of the revival of her creativity, Karen has finally been able to articulate her core creative beliefs.

“The first being that I believe that my purpose is to leave the space that I occupy more beautiful than it was before I got here. Art can be beautiful and thought provoking, they are not mutually exclusive concepts.”

“The second belief, is to take my own personal experiences and show how they relate to humanity as a whole. I almost always paint people. If I was a singer, I would sing about people. If I was a writer, I would write about people.”

Karen is endlessly fascinated and curious about people and our shared human experience. “My intention is to show you that what you are seeing, while my truth, is also a part of yourself, no matter how small a part or how temporary.”

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11 thoughts on “GUEST ARTIST: “Human Nature” by Karen Berstler

  1. Nice portraits! So expressive and full of emotion!

    I lived in Newark, DE, for 3 years while hubby was finishing grad school. I took a studio class for non-art majors at U of DE for fun (because I got free tuition for a class per semester since I worked at an office there). It was most memorable because one day, the instructor announced to a bunch of art majors that they should feel lucky that I wasn’t an art major because I’d blow them all away. Nicest freaking thing anyone had ever said to me about my art. 🙂

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