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Doodlewash and watercolor sketch by Jeffrell Soliveres The Art Panda of birds

My name is Jeffrell Soliveres (aka “The Art Panda”) and I’m from Manila, Philippines (follow me on Instagram, Facebook and my Facebook Page!). 

IDoodlewash and watercolor sketch by Jeffrell Soliveres The Art Panda of seahorse started young as an artist. I initially used crayons and pastels. When I was in grade school, I discovered I have the skill to draw and paint animals. My mother was the first one to teach me to draw even before I entered grade school.

I started winning small contests like poster making contests in school and in our city and then continued cultivating art til I earned a BS in Architecture in college. I have never idolized anyone since I am just fascinated by watching different people paint when I was growing up. Watercolor has been my main medium since then and it is my all time favorite. I pursued a different career after finishing college, now an employee in a call center. Before, I rarely painted, but now I paint daily!  

Watercolor painting has been my way to release stress and I make sure I paint one artwork every day or two. As soon as I get home, I check my notebook on what to paint for that day, and visualize what technique I will use to make may artwork interesting. I look at books, YouTube or Instagram to get me hyped up. I start doing a rough sketch on paper after I have chosen a subject. I mostly get one tub of water and I just change the water as needed. Then I will select the paints and brushes I will use for a specific artwork. 

Doodlewash and watercolor sketch by Jeffrell Soliveres The Art Panda of iguana

Doodlewash and watercolor sketch by Jeffrell Soliveres The Art Panda of eagleNext comes my technique. I select the paints that I think will go together, I use color charts or color wheel when I think I feel blank. Then, I start with the lightest tone to darkest, background to foreground. If I need details, I get my detailer brush to put focus. My favorite technique is the overlapping of colors and the wet on wet for background. Whenever I do an artwork, I always compose it first in my mind and have always imagined what it will look like before I hold my brushes.

Doodlewash and watercolor sketch by Jeffrell Soliveres The Art Panda of robinMy favorite brands of watercolor are Mijello Mission Gold, Winsor and Newton, Daniel Smith and Sennelier. I used only Prang singles for the longest time until I ventured out and bought professional watercolor just last year. I like the layering of colors and detailing in watercolor. I usually find great pictures online for my reference since I rarely see animals where I live, so I am fascinated with colorful birds, pandas and insects.

Animals inspire me a lot. I love looking at colorful pictures of animals. I deviate to portraits to break the boredom sometimes. I got my fire back with watercolor, last year, in August 2015, when my father got really sick. I was thinking what to do to earn more. Til then, I grabbed all my art stuff, and practiced and practiced and started accepting commissioned works.

Doodlewash and watercolor sketch by Jeffrell Soliveres The Art Panda of frog with red eyes

This was the rebirth of me and led to the creation of “The Art Panda.” Since then, I paint daily and continue to inspire people to go back to the traditional way of painting. I also hold workshops in Basic Watercolour painting and Gothic Calligraphy from time to time.

Jeffrell Soliveres
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  1. Ellie 7 years ago

    Beautiful work, Jeffrell! The colors are great!

  2. truejoy1986 7 years ago

    OOH! I love how colorful these are!!!

  3. Sharon Bonin-Pratt 7 years ago

    Such beautiful work, Jeffrell. Your animals are full of charm and color. I like how you continue to learn, a model for everyone.

  4. Jessica Seacrest 7 years ago

    Thanks for sharing your story Jeffrell! Beautiful and cheerful pieces, they sure bring a lot of joy!

  5. Cathy 7 years ago

    I really like your beautiful transparent watercolors! I, too, go through fallow periods where I am not sure I even want to draw or use my watercolors anymore, so it’s inspiring to hear that you have gone through that too but continued on and have a renewed love of painting. Thanks!

  6. mywords331 7 years ago

    Wonderful images..

  7. KUMAR 7 years ago

    Beautifull work……..

  8. memadtwo 7 years ago

    Wonderful! You give your animals life. (K)

  9. M. L. Kappa 7 years ago

    Love your animals, Jeffrell!

  10. Nonna Galicia 7 years ago

    Your artwork is so bright and cheerful! Beautiful animals. Looove your work Art Panda!

  11. Melanie Clark Dorsey 7 years ago

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful work!

  12. Vidya Venkatesh 6 years ago

    Hello Jeffrell,
    Liked your water colors…. Just in case you didn’t know…… There is this website called…... Where Copyright free photographs of almost all the things you listed are available for download….. Most of them clicked with DSLR cameras…… Please check them out if you haven’t yet done so…
    Madhukv Venkatesh

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