Doodlewashes by Tamarah Cantu

GUEST ARTIST: “Ladies & Flowers” by Tamarah Cantu

Today’s doodlewashes come to us from Tamarah Cantu who currently lives in Arizona. She was born & raised in the art community of Taos, New Mexico (follow her on Instagram!)

In her words: 

I never discovered my hidden talent (or so says my friends & family) until the beginning of this year. I took a watercolor class in Sedona last summer as an optional workshop at a conference I was attending. Beyond this class, I’m self-taught and sketch from photos sent to me or that I find. None of these come out like the photo but end up taking their own life/spirit.

Painting calms my soul from a stressful busy full time job I have in the hospitality industry. My cat, Missy, watches me as I paint & loves to sneak a drink of water from my watercolor water (for some reason she’s intrigued by the water bowls) Watercolor, ink, and acrylics are the medium I use. I name all my artwork after its finished from first impressions. My art is whimsical, colorful, full of personality as I believe all art has a spirit that comes through from the artist’s many character layers.

I am working on an art debut a close friend wants to plan for me. I have just photographed 26 pieces from a first phase of about 75 pieces. I will be selling originals & prints/glicees very soon! I’m currently working on a means to promote & sell or take commissions.I am so new to this it is all about discovery on necessary steps I need to take so I might be able to do what I love most full time one day with God’s grace & guidance. This is a new beginning where I will find my joy and meet other wonderful artists and art lovers!

Tamarah Cantu
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