Doodlewash by Sandrine

GUEST ARTIST: “Le Visage” by Sandrine

Here’s the second lovely doodlewash in gouache from Sandrine, our friend in Paris, France. It’s been a little while since Sandrine has sent us a something, but this was worth the wait! This was a study that she completed while watching a video tutorial (which I highly recommend doing as it’s a great way to learn various techniques!). You can see her first doodlewash by clicking here.

It seems fitting to have posted three native Parisians in a row as I’m wrapping up my virtual tour of France today and tomorrow. It’s also been so wonderful to feature guest doodlewashers from all over the world! More to come this week, so stay tuned!

If I haven’t already reached out to you to be a Guest Doodlewash post, then please reach out to me instead! The answer is always yes, as I’d love to feature you and your unique style here on We would all love to be inspired by how you see your world, whatever part of the world you may live in. Just click the Let’s Connect link (or click right here) and send me a note! Can’t wait to hear from you!

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20 thoughts on “GUEST ARTIST: “Le Visage” by Sandrine

    1. Sandrine is great isn’t she?! Thanks for commenting Sharon! Next I’m going to be exploring The Paris of the Plains! Hehe… my hometown of Kansas City, MO. Might try a bit more plein air sketching and drawings of people. Though I think I may prefer animals over people. Hehe

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