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GUEST DOODLEWASH: Mildred’s Second Look

Thought I should also post Philippe’s (@Phinomet) version of Mildred’s Coffeehouse (mine was a couple days back) so you could see it from another angle and style! And even better, you get a closer view of the amazing roof (made even more so with his choice of colors).

Philippe had taken a little break from painting, but I’m so happy that he started up again. It’s always nice to have a couple doodlewashers in the house. And again, the dog just won’t have anything to do with it even though we’ve tried to encourage him.

For this doodlewash, he used his Winsor & Newton Cotman Watercolours, although he now wants to switch to M. Graham as well after trying a few quick washes with mine. Even though the Cotman watercolor isn’t as rich, I was impressed at the bold colors he was able to get for this sketch. Philippe has the looser style that I wish I could master and it’s lovely to see what he creates.

We spent part of the weekend wandering around the Kansas City Crossroads District, as this is where my new office is located. It was surprising to see things we never even knew existed, even though it’s only blocks from our house. It’s cool that when you view your city with the eye of a doodlewasher, you see things you never saw before. I think that’s one of my favorite parts of this journey!

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37 thoughts on “GUEST DOODLEWASH: Mildred’s Second Look

    1. Thanks for commenting Jodi! Philippe is an awesome doodlewasher! And Phineas…well he just follows his own passions I’m afraid. Although he is strangely attracted to Arches paper and tries to lick it. I thought that meant he was finally showing an interest, but when I tried to hand him a brush he just looked at me like I was crazy and walked away. 😥

    1. Thanks for commenting Nancy!! ❤️😃 Yes… it is a shame that Phineas doesn’t want to follow in his family’s footsteps, but that’s just how kids are sometimes I guess. I showed him your comment, to see if he might be inspired and he just licked the screen. I’m not entirely sure what he meant by that, but suffice it to say he’s back and curled up in a ball so he still won’t be painting this evening. There’s always tomorrow though. I’ll keep trying!

    1. Thanks Laura!!! ❤️😃And I think you might you be right!! We grab a brush and he looks at us like we’re crazy. I thought he just didn’t appreciate painting, but of course he just thinks our method of wetting things is stupid. We get a similar look when we put dishes in the “magic box” expecting them to somehow lick themselves clean. 😉

  1. That´s what I also love about art – you can just turn on kind of an “art-eye” and suddenly see colors, forms, and amazing new stuff everywhere around you. Maybe that´s what they call inspiration… Because it sure is inspiring. And it´s so cool because you carry your art-eye with you whereever you go. 😊 My dog isn´t into art either, it´s a pity. She´s more into mice, squirrels, and bunnies. I guess I have to accept her that way. 😉 Great doodlewash by Philippe, love the vibrant colors! Looks wonderful!!!

    1. Thanks Ann! Don’t you just love “art eye” (not to be confused with pink eye…hehe….) It’s so true! You can’t help but see shadows and light and color as you walk down the street. It’s magical! And too bad about your dog, but seems to be the running theme with kids like that. Always trading in vermin for VanGogh.

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