Misty Morning by Melvin San Francisco Garay

GUEST ARTIST: “Misty Morning” by Melvin San Francisco Garay

This beautiful doodlewash comes to us from Melvin San Francisco Garay in Coquimbo, Chile.  You can also find more beautiful artwork from Melvin on Facebook and Pinterest.

Art has always been part of Melvin’s life, but he started to take it more seriously 5 years ago when he was sitting looking at his colleagues (he’s an ELS teacher) and thought it was time to do something different. Melvin says, “art has brought me lots of feelings. It is sometimes frustrating and disappointing when you can’t cope with what you really want to express. On the other hand, it has given me immense joy and happiness.” 

Melvin didn’t have any kind of “formal” study of art, he had to read and understand many subjects that were, at the beginning, abstract concepts for him. He says of the books, “the authors have been my teachers and friends and I’ve learnt a lot thanks to them.” (we feel the same, Melvin. There are wonderful teachers out there and we try to learn from these masters all we can!)

He’s tried as many materials as possible, but his favorites have always been watercolor and colored pencils. In his words, “I like watercolor because of the richness of techniques that you can use when working on a piece. It is the water itself that can sustain life on earth, the same that you use to give life to your art. If you ask me an advice, I will immediately say ‘keep on going’ against all the odds.”

Wise words! We are happy to welcome Melvin to the Doodlewash family, and hope his words inspire you in your art. Our motto here at Doodlewash is really simple – “DO” – try a little art each and every day and join us on this wonderful journey. It’s the most rewarding experience in the world and we’re here to provide support and inspiration to our fellow doodlewashers every step of the way!

Melvin says, “I feel that my journey in art has just begun and I will continue until there is no road to walk on.”

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7 thoughts on “GUEST ARTIST: “Misty Morning” by Melvin San Francisco Garay

  1. I just ‘re kindled my love of creating art a little over a year ago. I have tried a verify of mediums and just realized how much I myself enjoy watercolors. I also really love using pen, markers and gouache. Reading your post just inspires me to keep at it. Thanks for the great posts.

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