Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art - Doodlewash by Philippe Noguera


Today on “Sundays with Philippe” we have an evening view of the modern wing of our local Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. These structures were adding next to the original stone museum (which I had sketched earlier here) to house new collections. At night the “boxes” glow and it looks really cool. This is Philippe’s doodlewash of that view.

Today we’re supposed to be taking down our Christmas tree which I think is earlier than last year, if I recall. It’s one of the least fun things to do and sort of depressing so we are never quick about it. Plus our tree was real so we have to cart it to the tree recycling place which adds another time-consuming step that eats into our play time for the day.

We hope everyone is having a fabulous Sunday doing whatever it is you love to do! Or at least finding a little time for some fun and creativity!

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32 thoughts on “GUEST DOODLEWASH: Modern Museum

  1. Great colors. I like this glowing effect on the far right, especially when combined with the dark grass. As always, you seem to have cornered the cloud market–they are stupendous. Looks like a spring storm brewing.

  2. What a beautiful doodlewash! Yes, I can see them glowing! I’m sorry you guys have to spend the day cleaning and putting things away. But I’m sure you found some time for play.. 😜

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