Doodlewashes by Cynthia Maniglia

GUEST ARTIST: “Nail Polish” by Cynthia Maniglia

Today’s perfectly polished doodlewashes come to us from Cynthia Maniglia in Pennsylvania. These mixed media doodlewashes include a fun and unexpected medium – that’s right, nail polish! Cynthia’s fearless approach to art is both fun and inspiring, so be sure to follow her blog for more at Sand Salt Moon

Cynthia says, “My dad’s a commercial artist who specialized in airbrush, and I grew up with art, paints, and brushes in the house and hung out a lot in my dad’s studio. He always encouraged me, and both of my parents gave me constructive criticism. I like to play a lot with paints and other materials to express myself. I am a big fan of color. I also like photography and because I can always take a great photograph, I want my artwork to be something other than photorealistic.”

She has always loved mixed media. Cynthia used to make handmade cards in mixed media that sold on Rodeo Drive in California, at Longwood Gardens gift shop in Pennsylvania, and other high-end shops across the country. “I did a lot of custom orders, too,” she says, “I must have made well over a thousand handmade cards. Many people framed them.” Some of these can still be seen on her older blog – Five Months Until Paris.

Though Cynthia now likes to focus on watercolor she still finds herself delving back into other mediums. For the pieces shown here, she used:

  • Watercolor
  • Markers
  • Graphite pencil
  • Nail polish!
  • Pressed flowers and leaves
  • Elmer’s glue (as a resist, the watercolor glides over it and the glue acts as a kind of permanent mask over the paper that gets lightly stained)

Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful work with us, Cynthia and giving us a glimpse into your world. This a great example of how much fun doodlewashing can be when you just use your imagination and any materials you feel compelled to include to create something new and beautiful! And be sure to follow her blogfollow her on Facebook and check out her shop on Society6 for a wonderful array of beautiful products!

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  1. I love Cynthia’s blog. Didn’t realize she lived in PA – my home state! Hey Cynthia – maybe we’ll get to meet up some day! Thanks for sharing another great artist, Charlie!

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