GUEST ARTIST: “Ordinary Things” by Cathe Jacobi

These awesome doodlewashes are from Cathe Jacobi in Minneapolis, Minnesota. (Follow her blog and her Instagram feed!) She was born in Los Angeles, California and lived there most of her life. There was a stop in Atlanta, Georgia for a few years before landing in Minneapolis. “I consider this my national tour,” she says.

Cathe says, “I started my original blog (on Blogger) back in 2009 (I think) and just like its name – Amaryllis log, it truly was a log about the growth of my Amaryllis. Ridiculous I know. I started on WordPress maybe 4 years ago.”

Last year she “had a hankering” to start painting and hasn’t stopped since. “I average about a sketch/painting a night (after work with a glass of wine preferably). I’m a bit more up to speed with Instagram than my blog.”

Being creative has always been part of her life. She has a BFA in advertising design and has only worked in a creative environment. When she started painting she struggled a bit with her subject matter and what she was focusing on… ordinary things.

“I felt like a bit of a failure,” she says, “for not painting scenes, environments, people, the outdoors! One day I decided it was perfectly fine to just paint what I enjoyed and leave the stress out. I really love painting and how relaxing it is. ” (couldn’t agree more with this! That’s the doodlewash way!)

Mainly she uses either a Copic pen or a Lamy fountain pen with colored ink (gray, brown, blue, black) and Daniel Smith watercolors. She likes Winsor & Newton paints too, and her favorite color is Payne’s Gray.

“I generally paint in a sketch book,” says Cathe. “My preferred brand is Stillman & Birm Beta series. I love this paper for the whiteness and stiff texture. Sometimes I sketch out my idea in pencil first and other times I just jump into it with the freedom of my pen. I rarely plan out the text I drop in and I guarantee there are usually some misspellings.”

“Instead of getting my underwear in a bundle (at least that’s what my grandmother would say) I just leave it, spelling is not my strength after all. I have also been playing with gouache and love that it’s almost working in the reverse application of watercolor.”

She also has a house full of “four leggers” (four rescue pups ranging in age from 6-15) and she references them often in her posts. Though she says she would not endorse having 4 dogs, “but what to do now? I love them, they needed a home, I have a big heart, and for the most part we live in a peaceable kingdom. I live in the woods and love nature.”

Some of the things she enjoys most are long walks and hikes, while celebrating four seasons with acknowledgement of the changes. She really does embrace the ordinary and tries hard to live in the current moment.

Cathe says, “I’ve enjoyed meeting so many of you through Charlie’s blog. Charlie, hats off to you for creating such an inviting and charming blog oozing with creativity at every turn!” Awww Cathe, you’re too sweet and my hat is off to you for all the beauty, warmth, and love you bring to the blogosphere each day! And I hope you’ll follow Cathe on her blog and on Instagram! Thanks for being part of the doodlewash family my friend!

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35 thoughts on “GUEST ARTIST: “Ordinary Things” by Cathe Jacobi

  1. I can tell Cathe is tons of fun from her art! I keep hearing “copic pen” but I have yet to see one (thanks for the link). Do not tempt me, evil fellow artists…LOL! Heading over to Instagram to follow her now…

  2. Her work is so beautiful! When ever I see a post of hers, my mind fills with buckets of positive adjectives and I just want to gush appreciation for the inspiration, motivation and joy I get from her “hankering” to paint. My goodness, she is able to make spoons and the ubiquitous chili sauce look like lovely art. Oh..and love ‘le chien’ in particular, so charming and full of character….Alright, stopping now….Thank you Charlie for a fabulous feature and creating a virtual Salon-esque of art and artists. Peace.

  3. your painting really encouraged me to pick up my pencil again. I haven’t drawn for a long long time. I have lost the passion for it and meaning of doing it. Thanks 🙂

    I don’t know what I would like to draw now. But I do want to do so. Thanks!

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