GUEST DOODLEWASH: Painting Life In Gaza

Doodlewash - Painting by Mostafa Ismael Alatbash in Gaza

My name is Mostafa Ismael Alatbash and I’m from Gaza, Palestine (follow me on Facebook and Instagram!) Gaza is a city rich with inspiration coming from day to day life which is both beautiful and challenging.

Doodlewash - Painting by Mostafa Ismael Alatbash in Gaza

My love for creating began around the age of 10, but art became a serious pursuit for me at 17. I was a student at Al-Quds Open University studying Business for 3 years and due to the poor economic conditions I had to withdraw from my studies. I now spend my days honing my artistic skills in my small room that I like to call my “Tent”.

Room by Mostafa Ismael Alatbash in Gaza

This is my haven from the outside world and where I can express myself with paint and paper.

I only have has access to the most basic and simple tools for creating, electric service for approximately 5 hours a day and limited water supply. But, I do not let these limitations hinder my drive and desire to become a voice in the world for the Palestinian people.

Doodlewash - Painting by Mostafa Ismael Alatbash in Gaza

Doodlewash - Painting by Mostafa Ismael Alatbash in GazaI find the inspiration for my art in my day to day life; I could be riding in a car watching the sun reflecting on the passing buildings, sitting by the ocean watching children and families playing in the sand or watching the stark differences of life elsewhere in the world on television.

Doodlewash - Painting by Mostafa Ismael Alatbash in GazaThe beauty of Palestine, the colors of the land, the pain and struggle of my courageous and resilient people living under occupation and the hope for a brighter future for my family are all the tapestry of my inspiration. These things have woven my outlook on life and are reflected in the hues of my creations.

Sharing my art has opened my world to many new friends and opportunities. With the help of these new friends, I have been accepted to Bergen College in New Jersey and look forward to starting a new life that will open doors that I do not have access to in Gaza.

Doodlewash - Painting by Mostafa Ismael Alatbash in Gaza

Mostafa_watercolourI will also have access to formal art training and better quality tools to meet the standards in my art that I cannot achieve with writing pens, map pencils, basic watercolours and craft acrylic. My dream is to make my mark on the world through my art and help my family as well as the children of Gaza. 

Doodlewash - Mostafa Ismael Alatbash in GazaHaving been accepted to Bergen College is the first step towards a brighter future. The next step is to have the funds to purchase air fare to travel from Gaza to New Jersey. My friend Karen, who is teacher in the U.S., has started a Go Fund Me to assist in my travel expenses, click here if you would like to help! 

I would also like to offer some of my work for sale, if you are interested in investing in my future, please contact me on Facebook!

Mostafa Ismael Alatbash

Join us for World Watercolor Month in July! Click here to learn more!

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  1. M. L. Kappa 7 years ago

    Strong work, Mostafa!

  2. Lifesketched 7 years ago

    I love your use of colour, very inspiring!

  3. ann christina 7 years ago

    Really impressive! There´s so much energy in those pictures! They´re wonderful!!! 💚

  4. memadtwo 7 years ago

    Beautiful colors…I hope your dreams become reality. (K)

  5. Sharon Nolfi 5 years ago

    Your portraits are full of emotion. I hope your work will help improve conditions for the people of Palestine.

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