Watercolor Dogs by Patricia R.

GUEST ARTIST: “Pet Portraits” by Patricia

Today’s lovely doodlewashes comes from Patricia R. (follow her @parcreative on Instagram!), who was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. I love that she posts both her finishes pieces as well as works in progress so you can follow along as she paints. Her pet portraits are awesome, so I’ve featured those here, but she also paints other lovely things so be sure to check out her Instagram feed.

She says, “I have always loved art but never studied it formally. I used to sketch for fun as a child and my mom often tells me that in pre-school my teacher told her that I was extremely good at art. (I only remember finger painting but hey I must’ve mixed those colors up well and smeared them in all the right ways!)”

Patricia started watercolor around March of this year. She tried it once in high school and said, “it was terrible! I decided to face my fear and enjoy the process rather than the outcome and fell in love with it.” (and, of course, we love that as that’s the doodlewash way to do things!) 

You can also follow Patricia on Twitter (@kia_13) or take a peek at her Pinterest boards where she describes herself as artist, scene setter, food lover, gift finder! (I can definitely relate to the third one!). Thank you so much Patricia for sharing your lovely doodlewashes with us! So happy discovered the joys of watercolor, and we can’t wait to see more from you in the future!

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