Doodlewash by Philippe Noguera

GUEST DOODLEWASH: Philippe’s Flowers

Sundays with Philippe are back for the start of the year with a doodlewash of these lovely flowers. Philippe said he needed some springtime after it felt like spring for so long before suddenly snowing on us. So here’s a little spring in January to start the New Year. We hope everyone is having a fantastic year so far!

We’re enjoying our last day of vacation before returning to work tomorrow and “normal” life. This has been an amazing holiday break and we’ve had a blast. Though we still have to finish the puzzle which has been sitting on the table for a few days now half finished, taunting us with its complexity. I guess we still have a few days before it’s officially sad since it’s going to be a few more before we finally get around to taking that darn tree down.

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37 thoughts on “GUEST DOODLEWASH: Philippe’s Flowers

    1. Not unless we make one up! Hehe…”doodlewash” is a word that I coined myself about 6 months ago. I wanted to give people a word that made watercolor sketching seem fun and so people didn’t have to worry about making a watercolor “masterpiece” each time and could just paint for the love of it! And enjoy whatever the result was! It’s been fun to see so many people adopting the new word. Hope you have a wonderful evening! Make a doodlewash!! 😉Hehe

      1. Great ! What a good idea ! Especially when one knows how watercolor is a difficult technique ! Many thanks for the explanation. I will make now doodlewashes ! I hope you many nice doodlewashes for 2016 ! 🎨🎨🎨

  1. Ask Phillipe for more flowers, please. Here in Swansea we have had ten weeks of rain and I am ready to start building an ark. So, keep ’em coming. They are like hope. Hope in an affordable, nonfattening format.

  2. Thank you for the spring lift, the gray days are getting a little old now. Beautiful flowers!

    Oh back to the norm…oh no. I woke up in the middle of the night thinking I had forgotten to set my alarm clock and then realized it is only Sunday and we’re going to Star Wars as a way to cap off this lovely long break.

    Our tree came down too…it was time to clean up and move ahead.

    1. Glad you liked these, Cathe!! 💕😃Oh my gosh! I did the same thing…worrying that Monday was already here. And yay to Star Wars!! We saw it on New Year’s Eve…it’s super fun! Felt like they brought back the fun of my childhood (I thought the last 3 were awful😊) And your tree is down already? Now you’re just showing off…hehe… We’ll get there! It’s not as fun as putting it up!

  3. Nice to see some flowers! Reality hit this morning, with a husband that had to go to work. Ugh. Christmas remains in our house until at least January 6/7 My last name should explain that. Or any excuse will do to continue on with festivities. Taking down the tree is a sad day. 🙂

  4. Beautiful doodlewash, Philippe! Flowers definitely brighten a day! We had a wonderful break too and tomorrow kids go back to school. It’s going to take a few days for both kids and me to get back into the routine.. Have a wonderful day!! ❤️

  5. Lovely painting! We can use more spring like flowers. Love the spatter! This one has indpired me yo sketch up some compositions to paint.

    Its a balmy 20 degrees F here eith a blanket of snow. Christmas decor is being packed away. Packers/Vikings game is about to start.

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