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#WorldWatercolorGroup - Watercolor portait by Bastian Adi Pratama - #doodlewash


#WorldWatercolorGroup - Watercolor portait by Bastian Adi Pratama - #doodlewashHi everyone, I’m Bastian Adi Pratama, and I’m 27 years old. I was born and live in Jakarta, Indonesia (You can see my daily artworks on my Instagram so follow me!) And I’d like to thank Charlie who gave me a chance to be featured here.

I’ve been drawing since I was a child. I usually drew some doodles or my favorite comic characters. I created my own comic too when I was in elementary school but now it’s all gone. After I graduated from elementary school, I rarely drew, just created some doodles when I was bored in class.

#WorldWatercolorGroup - Watercolor portait by Bastian Adi Pratama - #doodlewashI started drawing again in 2013 when I was feeling stuck with my work. I was a graphic designer and lighting designer for theater but I wasn’t satisfied with it. So I looked back and found that I loved drawing. Since then, I’ve been focusing on it.

My works are mostly portrait or human because I like capturing people’s feeling and life story. I created my works based on photos I found on internet or my own. Before I execute it, I usually choose one photo that gives me feeling or imagination about something that happened.

#WorldWatercolorGroup - Watercolor portait by Bastian Adi Pratama - #doodlewashOnce I can feel and imagine it, I will start creating the work in my mind like the colors, background, how it will look when it’s finished, etc. I’d like to put “something” that rises in myself into my work so it’s not only how I capture the object but also putting myself into it.

Sometimes I paint food, landscape or anything else to get a new spirit. Painting unusual objects can refresh my mind and soul because it gives me a different form, color, enjoyment, taste and new vision.

#WorldWatercolorGroup - Watercolor portait by Bastian Adi Pratama - #doodlewash

I use Rembrandt watercolor for commission and exhibition works while KOI and Pentel for daily artworks. Next, I really want to try Winsor & Newton because my friends use it and I really love the colors. The paper I use for professional works is cold press paper 220 – 300 gram. The others are krumkurt and ivory paper for daily works.

Those papers are not specific for watercolor use. I was just experimenting with alternative paper to find a cheaper option that can still be used for watercolor. I’d like to recommend Krumkurt 300gr paper because it has good quality whereas ivory is not good enough although they look alike.

Making a good painting gives me a better feeling because everything on my mind and in my soul can be applied to them. For now I like to explore with watercolor because it’s full of joy.

Terima kasih,

Bastian Adi Pratama
Saatchi Art

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  1. amusingword 6 years ago

    Now that I’m old and grey, I want to create a self portrait for my profiles. I better get working on that soon!

  2. Sharon Bonin-Pratt 6 years ago

    Bastian, your portraits are beautiful. They reveal the personality of your subjects.

  3. beverlydyer 6 years ago

    Very nice!

  4. Sandra Strait 5 years ago

    Bastian, your portraits are so beautiful! Thank you for sharing your artistic journey with us.

  5. Sharon Nolfi 5 years ago

    Wonderful portraits!

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