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GUEST ARTIST: “Random ARTiculations” by Louise Primeau

My name is Louise Primeau and I live in beautiful wintry Ottawa, Canada, with my husband and two guard dogs, or at least that’s what they think they are: Sophie my little neurotic Maltese, and Chico, just as his name suggests, a very laid back Havanese. They occasionally show up on my blog, especially when they have been naughty, or in my art, just because they are so cute.

Doodlewash by Louise PrimeauBesides my little puppies, there is plenty of inspiration all around me. I live only a few minutes from the nature trails along the Ottawa River where we frequently bike during the summer, and snowshoe during the winter.

If you see someone bending over none too gracefully to collect pinecones, leaves, wildflowers, and anything else along the path, you are probably seeing me busy at one of my favourite activities.  I keep my head down not to find loose change as most other people would, but to search for those wind tossed treasures that can be painted in my journal. Or, you might also see me taking lots of photographs especially once my pockets are full!

Doodlewash by Louise PrimeauFor all my journal entries, I use Sakura’s Koi Water Colors Pocket Field Sketch Box.  I love the rich colours in this little set. Occasionally, I might also use coloured pencils or Caran D’Ache Neocolor II along with my watercolours.

Doodlewash by Louise PrimeauI have used different journals but I especially like the Pentalic Aqua Journal with 300gsm paper. I have also used the Strathmore Mixed Media Visual Journal, a very versatile vellum journal that I keep for both watercolour and acrylics.   Lately, I have been using a Canson Watercolor Cold Press paper pad to paint larger items for my blog such as my teacups.

Doodlewash by Louise PrimeauThese past months, I have been teaching myself to paint watercolour portraits. I think I am finally finding a way to bring more natural skin tones to my portraits. I keep the good, the bad, and the downright ugly art, so that I can observe any improvement as time moves along.

Doodlewash by Louise PrimeauVintage items are especially prized all the more if there is a story as a backdrop to the item. I add to my own collection with boards on Pinterest that are inspiration for my journal sketches or portraits. The Victory Rolls and Roaring Twenties women shown here were inspired from photographs saved on my various boards.

Teacups are another passion of mine. Mom had her own collection and I can still see her and her friends having tea in the afternoon from her very delicate, flowery teacups.

Doodlewash by Louise PrimeauI am falling behind already in my year-long online class called “Let’s Face It”. I hope that portrait art will be the destination of my art journey because this brings me most pleasure. But who knows? There are so many possibilities, so many techniques to explore. How can I just try one or two? That has been my dilemma!

If you visit my blog, (a work in progress as well), or see my work on Instagram, you will notice an eclectic mix and see that I do not yet have a style that I can call my own.

For now, I am loving the freedom I have to paint and draw on a daily basis. It is what I have always wanted to do and never found the time in my busy schedule as a teacher.   I am enjoying the road I am travelling no matter where it might lead me.

Louise Primeau

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