Watercolor Paintings by April Yip

GUEST ARTIST: “Random Doodles” by April Yip

Today’s lovely doodlewashes come from April Yip, originally from Hong Kong, currently based in Singapore (follow her on Instagram). For this set of images, April started by randomly putting colors onto the paper, without knowing what she was going to draw or paint at the beginning. (Love that!)

She says, “I was just playing with colors and shapes and having fun. I then draw over the doodlewash, or continue to paint to develop more defined shapes.”

April is currently working as an art therapist and is also a freelance illustrator. Click here to check out the latest book she’s illustrated – Excursion to HortPark, a collection of twenty haiku written by Singapore editor and writer Jocelyn Lau.

She started keeping a sketch journal after she read Danny Gregory’s book The Creative Licence. “I started by drawing everyday objects, simple things like my cup, my plant on my table, my food, etc.”

April usually sketches with a fountain pen, and then colors her sketch with watercolor. Now, she goes out and sketches regularly with her friends from Urban Sketchers Singapore.

“I use the blind contour technique to sketch,” she says, “especially when I’m drawing people. I find it more relaxing to sketch this way.”

If she’s not sketching and/or painting outside, you’ll find her doodling at home. April says, “I usually start by randomly putting some colours onto the paper. I love watching the colours flow and mix on paper. It’s really de-stressing!”

Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful doodlewashes with us April! So happy to add you to the doodlewash family! Be sure to follow her on Instagram and check out her website for more of her wonderful art!

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22 thoughts on “GUEST ARTIST: “Random Doodles” by April Yip

  1. Hi Charlie- Thank you for introducing us to April. She has a very fresh and delicate style.

    Beautiful artwork April, thank you for sharing your illustration with us. I will take a look at your website.

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