Sketch Your Life by Pascal Drai

GUEST ARTIST: “Sketch Your Life” by Pascal Drai

These wonderful doodlewashes come from the sketchbook of Pascal Drai (follow him on Pinterest!) in Paris, France. Pascal is married with two kids, and works in advertising for a horse racing company, but has a passion for sketching what he sees.

Pascal says, “sketching and drawing and painting watercolors is just a hobby for me… a way to escape and get out of everyday life during a drawing.” (And your wonderful sketches provide a nice escape for us as well, Pascal! Thanks for sharing!)

He prefers to draw with permanent ink, a Rotring pen, and watercolors. He says, “I’m demanding… no right to change! The line is good or bad!” (love the idea of just going for it and letting the lines do what they will!)

His sketches are spontaneous and wonderful, providing glimpses of everyday life as well as the locations he visits. His loose sketching style provides an immediacy to his doodlewashes that is so enthralling. He posts most of his sketches on Pinterest, so definitely check out the rest there and follow his boards!

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10 thoughts on “GUEST ARTIST: “Sketch Your Life” by Pascal Drai

  1. I had a Rotring Rapidograph pen but it scared me — it needed more care than my cat did! 😀 I like my tools simple so that even when I’m caffeine-deprived and not thinking straight, I can still use them without danger to my brain or to others. LOL!

    These are really fun sketches, though! I like Pascal’s fearless attitude.

    (My Reader did not show this post….grrrr….what must I do to make sure I get your posts?? Sacrifice a crayon?)

    1. Yeah…I’m not into high maintenance. Hehe… but do like trying new art supplies! Pascal’s sketches are awesome! And ugh…you and Laura both aren’t seeing my posts. That’s weird. Not sure what to do. Unless you add “Doodlewash” to your follow a tag section and click that occasionally. Hehe)

      1. I have followed you via email, luckily, or I wouldn’t have seen this post! Well, if you get around to it, you could ask WordPress, I guess. 🙂

        I do like trying new supplies, too! I wish there were a “rent an art tool” place where you can try things out without having to own it. LOL!

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