TheBaptized by Kirk Livingston

GUEST ARTIST: “The Baptized” by Kirk Livingston

This awesome doodlewash comes to us from Kirk Livingston (@Kirkistan – follow him!) in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Kirk says he’s “not an artist, but likes to try to sketch.” I’m going to go ahead and say that Kirk IS an artist whether he likes it or not, and you won’t won’t to miss the daily sketches he’s posting during 2015 on his site Dumb Sketch Daily. I love that he sketches just about anything and everything he sees and the surprise of finding out what he’ll share with you next is all part of the fun! And I, with others, really hope he doesn’t stop come January.

Kirk is a marketing and advertising copywriter by trade but says that “sketching–along with photography–are ways of helping me see better and notice life around me. Sketching is also another way of explaining bigger ideas.” I couldn’t agree more! He also posts regularly at his other blog called “conversation is an engine” so be sure to check that out as well!

Thanks Kirk, for showing up daily bits of your world and even though I love the name of your blog (seriously? Dumb Sketch Daily… hehe… that’s sooo good!), your sketches are far from dumb. They’re wonderful and insightful glimpses into life and I’m happy to know you and inspired by your … yes… art!

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