GUEST ARTIST: “The Energy of Everyday Life” by Matt Farr

Today’s Guest Doodlewasher is Matt Farr from Leamington, England (follow him on Instagram!).  Matt has always been surrounded by art as both his dad and brother are also artists, so he’s been brought up in a very artistic family.

“Painting and drawing have always been around me,” says Matt. “Since I was young, there’s pretty much always been a family member in the studio or working on something. As someone interested in art, it becomes hard not to gravitate towards that side of things and ask questions.”

Doodlewash by Matt Farr Matt mainly uses acrylic paints, but started to use watercolors for quick sketches. “I’m less comfortable in this medium,” he says, “so I’m trying to practice when I can.”

As for his process, Matt tries to be quite natural and not overthink his mark making, until the finishing touches. “I find this helps me to be looser and less precious over my work.”

He is currently on art foundation at Warwickshire college, and looking to do Fine Art at university next year. Matt also just started a Redbubble account with some doodles and sketches on it (click here to check it out!).

“My work focuses on the energy of everyday life, and trying to express that in a visual way. I’m also a big music fan (Smiths, Dylan, Reed, Bowie), so when I’m not painting or stuck for inspiration, it’s my go-to. (Oh and watching Netflix, more than I’d like to admit!)”

Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful doodlewashes with us Matt! And be sure to follow Matt on Instagram to see more of his fantastic work!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this – I love seeing the work of such talented artists. And for you to “share air time” with another displays a lot of your heart. Thanks again. This is a great post.

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