#WorldWatercolorGroup - Watercolour by Victoria Tipton - #doodlewash

GUEST ARTIST: “The Hare & Other Animals” by Victoria Tipton

#WorldWatercolorGroup - Watercolour by Victoria Tipton - #doodlewashThese wonderful paintings come to us from Victoria Tipton, in Yorkshire, England (follow her blog “Creative Echoes” and her Instagram!). Her earliest creative memory is of winning an art competition at around the age of 6 years old. “We were asked to create a picture of our favourite animal,” she says, “and for some reason lost to me now, my winning entry was a collage of a duck billed platypus! It was exhibited in Leeds City Art Gallery and I can still recall the excitement of going to see my work hanging there.”

Art continued to be her favorite subject at school however at the age of 18, due to things not going as planned, she dropped out of completing her Art A level. Victoria says, “This meant that my creative journey came to an abrupt halt and the fear of failure ensured that I avoided restarting it.”

Fast forward 25 years to the beginning of this year. She had just started a voluntary role within the day therapy unit at a local hospice and there she became involved with assisting in art activities. Part of her role was to encourage patients to try new activities such as painting and yet ironically she’d been scared of picking up a paint brush since she dropped out of college. So after 25 years of avoiding art, she “plucked up the courage to try painting and drawing again.”

She hasn’t looked back since and is thoroughly enjoying discovering her creativity. At the moment, she’s exploring a variety of mediums but drawing in ink with a watercolor wash is her favorite way of working. 

#WorldWatercolorGroup - Watercolour by Victoria Tipton - #doodlewash

“I recently took an online workshop in scribble art,” Victoria says, “to help me loosen up my drawing style and, as a result of this, my drawing style is quite scribbly! I work by firstly creating a rough sketch in pencil of what I want to draw and then layer watercolour washes with scribbles in fine liner pen until I get the desired depth.”

Victoria is a huge animal lover and so they are often the subject of her work. “Whether it’s my pet cat, my chickens or the wildlife that lives in the local countryside where I live,” she says, “I find them fascinating to study. My scribble style helps to add texture and is indicative of fur but it’s the eyes that I really enjoy painting.”

She has been writing her blog, Creative Echoes, as a way to capture her creative journey. “I use it as a way to keep record of how I’m progressing, the bonus is that I get to connect with other creative people!” And so happy to connect with you, Victoria! Thank you for being part of the doodlewash family, and it will be thrilling to see the wonderful doodlewashes you’ll make next! 

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  1. Amazing pictures of animals!!! This kind of pictures can be used as illustrations for books. I lived for eight- nine years in Yorkshire, and we have many talented artists out there. I am glad that thanks to your a blog I met one of them.

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