GUEST DOODLEWASH: The Joys of Travel Sketching

Doodlewash by Mutiara CinintaMy name is Mutiara Cininta (follow me on Instagram and Facebook!), people mostly call me Oci, and I’m from Yogyakarta, Indonesia. When I was a toddler, my mom always gave me A1-sized blank papers and a 50 colours- oil pastel set, and asked me to draw for her. Such a fun challenge for me it was. Once the drawings were finished, we went together to get them framed. We hung them on the wall, right after. Maybe its that kind of encouragement that made me love everything about making arts and anything creative, although I don’t have any artist family background.

Doodlewash by Mutiara CinintaI was an architect, but now I’m an illustrator and graphic designer. At first, I wasn’t really into watercolor until my college time, they introduced me with to many kinds of art media and tools to make basic architectural sketches. And then I fell in love with watercolors. But working professionally as an architect, I mostly use computer-rendered drawings. So I would rarely paint anything until I joined an Urban Sketching Sketchwalk on May 2015.

Doodlewash by Mutiara CinintaThat moment successfully awaken my inner passion. I’m addicted, so I make time to do urban sketching more often, mostly while traveling. I did sketch on a moving train, on bus, while waiting/queing, while attending cultural events. I’m having so much fun while sketching and decided to turned that hobby into a profession. Now I’m very open to any possibilities to collaborate, such as commisioned projects, book illustrations, magazine articles, etc.

Doodlewash by Mutiara CinintaTalking about this addictive travel sketching, these are some lessons I learned from it. Through travel sketching I learn to be more patient. I can enjoy the long-line que, the long distance train trip, a long-time of waiting. Travel sketching opens up conversations with strangers, which sometimes can lead me into prospective projects and clients or at least new network building. It’s making me more aware of every little detail and giving me a better visual memory. It keeps up my good mood by making me busy having fun with watercolors.

Doodlewash by Mutiara CinintaTravel sketching keeps me practicing more and more without wasting my time thinking what to draw. The more I draw, the more I discover my art characteristics. It’s also good for my self-development too. I was an introvert. I couldn’t draw while somebody was nearby watching me before, but now I gained my confidence and am even becoming very open to them. My sketches become such an ice-breaker.

My favourite tools are half pan/cake palette watercolors, brush pens, and PIGMA micron pens. I also use a white ink gel pen. I bring them almost everywhere I go, plus an A5 sized sketchbook, in a medium sized waterproof pocket to keep them together.

Doodlewash by Mutiara CinintaI love pan watercolors because they’re easy to carry, and Rembrandt watercolors are my favourite, because of the vibrant colours. I prefer regular brushes over a water brush, because they’re damp longer so the watercolor effects will stand out better. I love brushpens because I can use them for detailing or doing some calligraphy on my sketches, without any mess because they’re easy to dry just like markers but with some brush benefits. A little usage of white ink is good for accents that can emphasize some details or to just give some interesting effects to the artworks.

Doodlewash by Mutiara CinintaActually my way of packing the tools is not as compact as the other sketchers, who may take only a small tin can with 3 basic watercolors inside plus a waterbrush. But this is what I fin the most comfortable for me!

Well, hopefully you found my story worth sharing. Look forward to hearing if there’s any interesting ideas to collaborate!

Mutiara Cininta

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  1. Teresa Robeson 7 years ago

    Such wonderful details and colors in Oci’s art! And how lucky to have a parent who was so supportive of artistic endeavors!

  2. Beautiful and inspirational colors and artwork! Well done Oci, and thank you Charlie!

  3. Sharon Mann 7 years ago

    Dear Oci, thank you for sharing your story and your remarkable watercolor art. I love all of the detail of your travel work. Thank you Charlie.

  4. Fabio 7 years ago

    Fantastic! Bravo, Oci! Thanks so much, Charlie! 🙂

  5. memadtwo 7 years ago

    love the train scenes! Just right. (K)

  6. artandmoondreams 7 years ago

    Beautiful travel paintings, love the color and details. The strong sense of direction and passion for watercolors is so inspiring. Great feature, thank you for sharing this.

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  8. Sharon Nolfi 5 years ago

    Wonderful sketches! Keep it up.

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