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Doodlewash by Amelia Mayo


My name is Amelia Mayo (follow me on Instagram & Facebook!). I am from a small country in Central America called Costa Rica. When I was a child, I was always attracted by art, colors; and when I was ten years old I started to draw with my first sketchbook. At twelve years old I took a watercolor course, where I did my firsts works of art. Six years later I joined a course in oil painting and then I retired from this course because I began to study publicity design as a profession.

Doodlewash by Amelia MayoWhen I finished my studies in the University, I began to work as a photography editor for two years. Later I resigned from that because I decided to dedicate my life to the two things that motivated me more: Taking care of my son Mathías and painting.

In 2014 I published my first children’s picture paperback book “Arturito el ratón” and also later, I published a new book, “Chito el cerdito que no podía salir de casa”, in digital format to Amazon. I found my inspiration to write and illustrate in the moment when my son born. After that moment and also today, I focus my inspiration on him using the pseudonym Amelia Mayo.
Doodlewash by Amelia MayoAfter eleven years without knowing anything about the painting, I returned to grab a brush in 2014. I remember I was familiarizing myself with oil painting when I had the curiosity to paint watercolor. In fact, that day I only painted a line and then a strange flower. The thing that touch my attention in watercolor painting is the softness of the technique.

Doodlewash by Amelia MayoFor me, that day was difficult to paint, because I forgot what to do to begin. This was very ironic because years ago I had already learned this technique. I do have to admit that my first paintings did not appear to be watercolor paints, I was painting with an excess of pigment and rigidity. It wasn’t until some months later that I learned practicing and every time I was achieving better results with more confidence and more liking for it.

Doodlewash by Amelia MayoI dedicated to creating and selling my art. The products of Amelia Mayo have original illustrations. Currently I have stationery, book markers, banana paper notebooks, and children’s books. Always I am trying to paint in different materials and products. Also, I teach art, but I focus most of my time on the watercolor paintings.

Painting for me is exciting and I can spend hours doing it. What inspires me more is to translate my essence into the art I create. Every day I want to be a better artist and know that my followers feel pleased with what I am giving to them in my paints. I hope to give to them, every moment they see my arts, the feeling of radiance, happiness, joy, lights and relaxing. I like the paint nature flora and fauna but the birds and flowers are my favorite.

Doodlewash by Amelia MayoBecause I also wanted to teach others about how to paint in watercolor in the way I do and also share this fascination; for a long time, I was questioning myself. How can I teach watercolor painting? I’ve been thinking and thinking how to materialize in knowledge my creation process and how to transmit it to them. Finally I found the main description of my technique that is never concentrate on my own footsteps, instead of that, I began to make an auto analysis of the steps I use to paint. Something that is very clear to me is that the effort spend creating daily work is necessary to advance skills.

Doodlewash by Amelia MayoMany people have been telling me that if I can paint in watercolor then it means that I can paint in any other technique. I just smiled because I am not sure about that. What I know best is that watercolor is a more difficult technique for me, but I love it.

I can’t answer which color is my favorite, because I like all the colors. Each color is unique. Watercolor is like eating your favorite ice cream or dessert. It is magical and relaxing, and I am never get bored of it.

Doodlewash by Amelia Mayo“Watercolor painting is like watching a beautiful landscape where the sun goes down and where flying birds cross the sky. It is the only place where I can find myself because I connect deeply with it.”

Amelia Mayo

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  1. Carol 1 year ago

    Very pretty illustrations, and you use such a pleasing color palette!

  2. kirkistan 1 year ago

    Love the technique!

  3. kameamoonmaiden 1 year ago

    Wonderful pictures! You are quite talented, thanks for sharing your story!

  4. Susan Feniak 1 year ago

    I very much enjoyed seeing your art Amelia. Thank you for sharing it Charlie!

  5. h12palacio 1 year ago

    You are so talented Amelia! I had the ability to create such beauty.

  6. Teresa Robeson 1 year ago

    We’ve always wanted to visit Costa Rica for the wildlife…how nice of Amelia to bring the wildlife to us with her paintings! 🙂

    • Author

      Aren’t they beautiful!! Glad you liked Amelia’s work as well Teresa!! 💕😃

    • Amelia Mayo 1 year ago

      They are welcome to want to come to my country. I am very glad that you like my art Teresa!

  7. Nancy 1 year ago

    Beautiful! Such soft colors.

  8. Jodi 1 year ago

    beautiful! look forward to following you on IG Amelia.

  9. Loving all of your fresh colors and wonderful images here, Amelia! Bravo!

  10. memadtwo 1 year ago

    You have a wonderful feel for the natural world, Amelia. (K)

  11. Sharon Mann 1 year ago

    Amelia, Thank you for sharing your interesting life and beautiful paintings. I’ll be following you on IG. Thank you Charlie!

  12. Cathe 1 year ago

    Ahh, that was so refreshing to read and the art is beautiful! Amelia you are so talented!

  13. Beads Academy 1 year ago

    Your watercolor paintings are so beautiful! I love your work!

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