Tim's Jeep by Holly Spencer

This amazing guest doodlewash comes from a fellow Kansas City, Missouri area artist named Holly Spencer (@millfeatherstudio). Holly is an elementary art teacher living in the country north of Kansas City and has always loved watercolor, but with her busy teaching schedule and marathon training, she always found herself putting her personal art on the back burner.

She says, “I was always just too exhausted at the end of the day, but I had a realization this summer that if I don’t start really dedicating time to my sketching, life would pass me by and I would never realize my dreams for creating my own art.” And we at Doodlewash are so happy you made that choice, Holly, as your work is uniquely beautiful! And I, for one, also hope your words will help inspire others who are contemplating a dream of being an artist. The first step is to simply DO it! 

Holly’s Instagram feed is her very first social media account that she opened for two reasons: 1) to see if people were interested in her work (we are!!) and 2) to help her have accountability to produce work during her crazy busy school year! (which starts next week! Sending you wishes for a wonderful year ahead Holly!)

In addition to watercolor, she also binds her own books, and does quite a bit of art journaling, and mixed media collage. She hasn’t decided if she will share that work or not (please DO!!). Holly hopes one day to open an Etsy account and sell prints of some of her paintings, and I really hope she makes that dream a reality. Be sure to follow Holly on Instagram and check out her other amazing doodlewashes! 

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  1. kirkistan 8 years ago


  2. Sharon Nolfi 5 years ago

    Your colors are fantastic – well done.

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