Doodlewash by Choowong Ki / ชูวงค์ กิ๊

GUEST ARTIST: “Touring Thailand” with Choowong

My name is Choowong, but most of my social network friends who follow me know me by my username of “KiBangkok” (follow me on Instagram and view my website here!). I am Thai, living in Bangkok. I had never been interested in Art until after I graduated from the Business school of Ramkhamheang University in Bangkok. Due to my kidney sickness and pressure from work, I had been seeking a way to reduce the stress and worries from my suffering.

Doodlewash by Choowong Ki / ชูวงค์ กิ๊In 2001, I found that watercolor may help me. I bought the art book written by Mr. Thaveephong, who is a famous watercolor sketcher in Thailand. I studied the art by myself from this book. I sometimes learn art from Youtube where there are a lot of great teachers awaiting my click to learn from them.

Doodlewash by Choowong Ki / ชูวงค์ กิ๊Even though I am not a professional artist, I usually post art techniques on my blog since 2007. During my self-learning of art from books, I have transferred what I learned to my blog. Many of my followers also learn from what I have posted. I enjoy learning and inspiring others from my blog and community on

I always encourage others who write me an email or comment on my blog asking how to do better drawings. I answer them with the same answer:

Do not worry the output and whether it’s beautiful or not. If you are happy during your drawing, it is great enough. As soon as you’ve done it, your artwork will be the only one in the world made by you.  Your drawing is just the hobby that you do, no need to worry who likes it or not. Just enjoy drawing and keep doing it!

Doodlewash by Choowong Ki / ชูวงค์ กิ๊

I usually share my artwork on Instagram, however, I also learn from viewing the art of others. I keep sketching and keep improving my line and color on paper. I sometimes add my calligraphy to my artwork in order to make my art look fun or more beautiful.

Doodlewash by Choowong Ki / ชูวงค์ กิ๊Art is fun. You do not need to have a gift from God to do it if you really desire to do it. The gift of art is mastering it by hard work and continuing to draw every day. Art is not only fun, but it is also the healing tool to reduce pressure or sickness.  

Sincerely yours, / ขอแสดงความนับถือ,

Choowong Ki / ชูวงค์ กิ๊

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24 thoughts on “GUEST ARTIST: “Touring Thailand” with Choowong

  1. Choowong, thank you for sharing your beautiful painting, your story and philosophy about creating. I feel the same way. It’s wonderful that we can share our joy through online sources. Happy New Year and good health to you. Thank you Charlie.

  2. The words and the drawings are wonderful. I travelled to Bangkok many years ago and have very fond memories of my time there, thank you Choowong for reawakening thoughts of those happy times 😊

  3. Your art and your handwriting are beautiful! I hope art has been able to reduce your stress, I know it does for me. I will be following you on IG!!

    Charlie, I’ve been meaning to tell you that Im enjoying the new format of your guest post. Thanks again for introducing me to new artist! ❤️

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