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GUEST ARTIST: “Travel Sketching” by Anna Warren

Doodlewash by Anna WarrenMy name is Anna Warren. Growing up in the UK, camping was not a big part of my life, but now I live in Australia it has become a huge part of my life. Each year we go into the furthest corners of Australia, exploring areas that most Australians never get the chance to see, let alone people from other parts of the world. Wherever we go I take at least one sketchbook – nowadays it is generally an A4 hardback book, my favourite being one from Daler Rowney, but I have also used Stillman & Birn and Hahnemühle.

Doodlewash by Anna WarrenI often also carry a small sketchbook that will fit in my backpack when walking, a selection of waterproof pens of different thicknesses, the fine ones, (.05-.3) are my favourite range, and a Winsor & Newton travel paintbox. The paintbox is a work of art in itself, opening out with small palettes, a water bottle and a water container that acts as a lid when it is closed and clips on the end when it is open. My materials are completed with two travel brushes which have covers to protect the bristles which come off to make handle extensions.

Doodlewash by Anna WarrenMuch of the time I walk with my eyes on the ground, searching for objects to draw – leaves, seedpods, shells, feathers and my particular favourite – skulls. I very rarely draw landscapes, except for the odd tree. The intention is to draw every day when traveling, but it’s not always possible. There are times when I can immerse myself for several hours at a time and really get lost in drawing my collected objects. I do find the more I draw, the better they get! Finding out the names of things is important to me too, so I annotate the sketches as I go.

Doodlewash by Anna WarrenDrawing is something I have done forever, but I trained as a graphic designer, working freelance in London then Sydney. A great career while my daughters were small, as I could fit work in around them. Now that they are grown up, I can spend more time drawing, in pencil and pen. I also paint in oils, am a printmaker and a miniaturist, and have recently become entranced by making 3D objects and books from my prints and drawings.

Doodlewash by Anna WarrenThere are a lot more drawings, and details of my trips on my blog, Anna Warren Portfolio, and you can see more of my work on my Facebook Art Page, Anna Warren Art, and on Instagram.

Anna Warren

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55 thoughts on “GUEST ARTIST: “Travel Sketching” by Anna Warren

  1. Your art is always so breathtaking and inspiring. It was such a pleasure following your last adventure through your postings of the sketches you made while on the journey. Thank you so much for sharing your art and thank you Charlie for a fantastic feature.

  2. My super favorite artist and friend Anna – yippee! She is amazing and such an inspiration! Thrilled to see her here on Doodlewash. I have such admiration for Anna and her wealth of talent. She is the perfect combination: artist, designer, traveler with endless amounts of curiosity!

    1. Hello Cathe – it is because of you I am here! I saw Charlie’s feature on you, and started following. For inspiration, Cathe is number one, so skilled at drawing, such a great eye for the things she finds, and with such dedication. And she is a delight to know, a great friend who I have discovered through the blogosphere – such a wonderful world that it is!

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