Urban Graffiti Second Look by Philippe

GUEST DOODLEWASH: Urban Graffiti Second Look

Here’s another doodlewash view of the Urban Graffiti I posted a couple days ago by Philippe. He chose to show us the other side of the building which has a totally different kind of graffiti painted by Mother Nature (a badass graffiti artist in her own right if you think about it).

Love the softer touch of this view and the sky is just really darn cool! Philippe used his new Escoda VERSÀTIL Brushes for this one (12 Round, 6 Round, and a 2 Rigger). Philippe prefers to sketch in pencil and then go straight to watercolor, so the power lines in this painting are not ink lines, but were actually created using full strength M. Graham Neutral Tint and his Rigger brush.

We really liked this exercise as the paintings are so incredibly different even though we were essentially doodlewashing the same subject. Not sure what it says about us that I chose the fully urban alley and he opted for the softer touch of greenery.

Directly to your right, across the street, is Mildred’s which was our first attempt at this (here and here). For each of these, I stuck with my tiny Art Plus Moleskine and Philippe painted much larger on 7×10″ Arches paper. With a larger surface to cover his took a bit longer to complete, but not by much, as it was still done in around an hour.

I’ve heard it said that couples that doodlewash together, stay together. Actually, I’ve never heard that said, but I’m prone to making things up when I’m not sure what to write next. But it should be said. And if you have another person in your house who might like to paint the same thing with you, try a little double doodlewash yourself! You’ll be glad you did!

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29 thoughts on “GUEST DOODLEWASH: Urban Graffiti Second Look

  1. Hahaha! You are so cute with your funny made-up sayings! I really like that idea that doodlewashing together helps you to stay together as I wish you and Philippe many decades of happiness. My hubby hasn’t drawn anything since his grad school days. He’s too busy sciencing. 😉 But he earns the income so that I can indulge in my artsing, so I’m cool with that. LOL! I think that Philippe’s opting for the softer green side complements your choice of harder urban side well!

  2. Oh Charlie, I love this post! To see both sides of the Doodlewash relationship is fantastic. I have a rigger brush sitting on my counter looking at me and asking when will you use me? Philippe has proven how handy and exact these brushes can be! I love his work and the richness of his image, lovely! Artist x 2 is awesomeness beyond!

    1. Thanks so much Cathe! 😃😃Glad you like it…I really love this one and it looks even better in person. It’s truly awesome to be in a double doodlewash household. You also get to go to the art store every weekend without getting questioned. What more could you want?! Lol 😊

    1. Aww thanks Sharon! I hadn’t really thought about what we’ll do with these. We just sort of keep them in a box since framing isn’t as fun as doodlewashing. 😊 Guess if we did enough we could launch a gallery show of the Double Doodlewash Duo…ohhhh…that makes us sound like superheroes!! Cool! But that would require costumes… okay…yeah…it’s getting complex again. 😳

  3. Well, I wish the sky here looked like that! So beautiful. And the red facade is just as naughty as in your own view. Great stuff.

    “…couples that doodlewash together, stay together”. Enviable sloganeer you are. I’m sure you will hear it said frequently before long 😉 though, I’m sure there’s lots of truth in it! It’s a sweet concept and I look forward to more.

    1. Thanks so much Jacob!! We had a lot of fun doing this! To do this, I typically have to follow Philippe as he waits for his elusive elegant muse and then paint the alternate version. I’m not sure I have a muse as my urge to sketch is pretty constant. Or maybe I do and she’s just always cranked up on amphetamines.

  4. Nice doodlewash!!! Tell Philippe I really like it! 😉 You´re lucky that you have a doodlewashing pair. My pair is – as my dog-child – not really interested in creating with colors… I´m living with philistines. 😉

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