GUEST DOODLEWASH: Watercolor, As A Tale

#Doodlewash - watercolor painting by Ayşe Eylül Sönmez of vintage Istanbul #WorldWatercolorGroup

#Doodlewash - watercolor painting by Ayşe Eylül Sönmez of September landscape #WorldWatercolorGroup

Hello, my name is Ayşe Eylül Sönmez (visit my website and follow me on Instagram!). I’m from Turkey and am a watercolorist and stylist by profession. I studied Fashion & Design and hold a Master degree in Art Teaching from the University of Gazi, in Turkey.

#Doodlewash - watercolor studio of Ayşe Eylül Sönmez #WorldWatercolorGroupNow, I am a professor of Art and Fashion at Hacettepe Universty and also have an art studio where I teach Painting and Watercoloring in Ankara, where I live with my family.

If you come to Ankara, don’t miss visiting my studio at Hamamonu, Art Street number 11. I’d love to offer a cup of Turkish coffee and show you my wonderful works.

Painting is a childhood passion for me; and, thanks to my parents’ staunch support, it has become my profession.

#Doodlewash - watercolor painting by Ayşe Eylül Sönmez of sailboats #WorldWatercolorGroup

I fell in love with watercolor painting when, after my graduation, I started painting.  I’m impressed by the sky, smooth fabrics and colors; and am inspired by Van Gogh, who is my favorite artist. I love his color usage and brushstroke. Rembrandt is also one of my favorite artists. I especially love the light inside his paintings.

#Doodlewash - watercolor painting by Ayşe Eylül Sönmez of winter tale #WorldWatercolorGroup

As I love painting landscapes, I usually paint imageries of Istanbul, a wonderful city in Turkey that embraces two continents, one arm reaching out to Asia, the other to Europe.

#Doodlewash - watercolor painting by Ayşe Eylül Sönmez of vintage Istanbul #WorldWatercolorGroup

I love transparency touches of watercolor. I think it is romantic and smooth. The feature makes me feel into a tale and I feel very relaxed, polite and royal while I am painting. Moreover, mixing colors is very enjoyable and exciting.

#Doodlewash - watercolor painting by Ayşe Eylül Sönmez of landscape #WorldWatercolorGroup

Let’s talk about my watercolor kit

At home and studio, I usually use 36 and 24 colors of St. Petersburg White Nights watercolor set, Van Gogh watercolor brushes and Fabriano watercolor pad about 270-300 gsm. I have also a travel watercolor kit that contains a 12 colors of Schmincke Akademie watercolor set, 2 little brushes and a little watercolor pad to sketch outside.

#Doodlewash - watercolor painting by Ayşe Eylül Sönmez of yansıma #WorldWatercolorGroup

During my spare time I enjoy hanging out with friends, reading books and poems. I am a very sociable person. I love traveling, meeting new people, discovering new places, and admiring picturesque corners of the world. I like eating ice cream while listening to birds’ songs. My favorite animal is cat, though. I love cats very much. I think they are cute.

#Doodlewash - watercolor painting by Ayşe Eylül Sönmez of flowers #WorldWatercolorGroup

I like Selcuk architecture. My favorite designers are John Galliano (because of his colors and jewelry usage) and Elia Saab (because of his feminine designs).

#Doodlewash - watercolor painting by Ayşe Eylül Sönmez of the big wave #WorldWatercolorGroup

I thank Doodlewash and World Watercolour Group for guest posting my paintings on their website. This is a great honor for me.

Ayşe Eylül Sönmez

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  1. Jessica Seacrest 6 years ago

    Your work is so lovely Ayşe! I enjoy it very much.

    • Jessica Seacrest 6 years ago

      If you ever start online classes, I would love to be one of your students (I’m in the USA). 🙂

    • Ayse Eylul 6 years ago

      Thanks so much Jessica!

    • Ayse Eylul 6 years ago

      Hi everyone! Thanks so much for yout nice comments, i am very honored..

  2. Sharon Bonin-Pratt 6 years ago

    Ayse, your art is gorgeous, vibrant with color, life, and action. I’m enchanted with the monochromatic paintings – you get every inch out of one color and make it work as if it’s a full spectrum.

  3. Susan Feniak 6 years ago

    I very much enjoyed seeing your art Ayse. I have followed you on Instagram. Thank you for sharing this Charlie.

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  5. creatingincolors 6 years ago

    Beautiful paintings!

  6. SHARON HASCHALK 6 years ago

    Just beautiful – thank you for sharing!

  7. M. L. Kappa 6 years ago

    Followed you too, Ayse. Lovely work! 💕

  8. Jen 6 years ago


  9. Curious to the Max 6 years ago

    Love your loose, fluid movement – it screams WATER COLOR, BEAUTIFUL WATER COLOR!

  10. Carol 6 years ago

    You do such beautiful work! 🙂

  11. Tuul 6 years ago

    Beautiful paintings! HARİKA. Ellerine sağlık canım 🙂

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