GUEST DOODLEWASH: Watercolor On Canvas

Doodlewash and watercolor by Ahmad Moghaddasi of rooster in circle on canvas

Doodlewash and watercolor by Ahmad Moghaddasi of old carMy name is Ahmad Moghaddasi (follow me on Instagram and Facebook!). I’m from Iran. I was born in 1971. I studied painting in high school of Fine Arts and graphic design in university. I’ve been painting constantly for 25 years. I teach painting and work as a graphic designer. I’m interested in watercolor painting very much. I paint by watercolor not on paper but on canvas. My favourite theme is landscape but I’ve worked with various subjects in my paintings. Recently I found a formula of a texture on canvas which is so compatible with it.  I’ve been in  many group exhibitions with various artists in different countries in the world such as Japan, China, South Korea and Myanmar. Now, I’m teaching  in my own studio.

Doodlewash and watercolor by Ahmad Moghaddasi of pink flowers in orange potAs I said my main interest is painting, but besides that I’m interested in photography too. I always try to take pictures in my spare time. I’m a Photoshop expert as well and recently, before I start my actual paintings, I make a composition of my ideas in Photoshop. I pursued a professional career in photography in the past. This resulted in trips to various places in Iran, to get ideas and photograph the things that were interesting to me such as nature, people and architecture.

Doodlewash and watercolor by Ahmad Moghaddasi on canvas with miniature flower potOn those trips, I learned to take a deeper perspective of the environments that I was always involved with. As a result, I felt I’ve constructed a foundation of creativity within myself. The more I saw myself connecting to nature, the simple way to go sounded right to me as an artist. Therefore creating simplicity brought me closer to being calm. Having said all this at the same time I was practicing miniature and complicated arts similar to miniature. At the same time, having left the university, my mind was chained by old school teachings & theories of old painters of my country. I decided to follow my own instincts and break the taboos built in my mind & create my artworks as simple as possible. 

Doodlewash and watercolor by Ahmad Moghaddasi of pink flowers in glass vaseI work with many tools concerning painting but the only thing that gave me peace was watercolor. So I chose it & therefore I studied the history of watercolor nationally & internationally and I got to know the artists who were active in this field. All these research has helped me to get to where I am today. It’s given me motivation to be innovative in finding a new composite that is tough & has tremendous absorbing qualities and it makes watercolor painting on canvas long lasting. 

Doodlewash and watercolor by Ahmad Moghaddasi of rooster with writingSense of release, salvation and simplicity of watercolor & using this special material are two factors have never been seen in other artists artwork of my country before.  As I try to be influential in watercolor painting, I also dedicate myself to changing the attitude toward watercolor painting between masters & students. I’m seriously pursuing a patent on my composite. Until then, I have to keep this as a secret, especially in a country where copyright law is hard to abide.

Ahmad Moghaddasi

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  1. cdumaine1 7 years ago

    Lovely story and lovely watercolors!

  2. kim881 7 years ago

    Love that cockerel!

  3. lizintheshed 7 years ago

    Painting watercolour on canvas is tremendously liberating – I am just starting a huge one 1.2×1.0m (about 4×3 feet). It is so good not to be constrained by size, framing and glass. There are three products available in the UK I know of for preparing a canvas to make it take watercolour, so I am intrigued to find out what makes yours unique! You better get that patent quick! Good luck Ahmad.

  4. monique 7 years ago

    I enjoy the artists you recommend..I end up following them..and love seeing all their work and yours.New artbooks:)
    Watercolor on canvas..I do not think I have ever seen that..And a Photoshop interesting.
    Love that middle floral.Well all actually.

    • Author

      Awww… thanks so much Monique! 😃Love hearing that! So thrilled you’ve enjoyed these guest features. Hope they provide great inspiration!

  5. Susan Feniak 7 years ago

    Beautiful art!

  6. Snehal Kank 7 years ago

    Beautiful work Ahmad!

  7. Sharon Bonin-Pratt 7 years ago

    Ahmad, your work is gorgeous, so expressive. I’ve heard of oil painters working on paper (and I’ve tried it myself) but this is the first I’ve heard of someone painting with watercolor on canvas – you’re inventive and curious about everything. Your story fascinated me, thank you for sharing.

  8. M. L. Kappa 7 years ago

    Thanks, Charlie for introducing us to Ahmad’s very interesting work. I really enjoyed this.

  9. artandmoondreams 7 years ago

    Beautiful paintings, love the texture and simplicity of the watercolors. Has the appearance of dreams with depth. Great feature post, thank you for sharing.

  10. memadtwo 7 years ago

    Simple and fresh. (K)

  11. Wow, amazing and beautiful and on canvas! Triply impressed!

  12. Cathe 7 years ago

    Such beautiful compositions! Thank you for such a wonderful treat Ahmad and Charlie!

  13. Phil Cooper 7 years ago

    Thanks for a lovely post and beautiful paintings Ahmad 😊

  14. firouzeh Bakhtiari 7 years ago

    I am so glad to see the name of my professor here , I am so proud of him , He is the best in the world and he is so expert in watercolor painting and teaching . God bless him.

    • Author

      What a wonderful comment, Firouzeh! You’re quite lucky to have Ahmad as an instructor. Glad you liked his feature!😃

  15. Sandra Strait 5 years ago

    Ahmad, you have a beautiful style and your paintings are wonderful!

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