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GUEST ARTIST: “Create Every Day” by Sandy Allnock

Hi there! My name is Sandy Allnock, and I live with two rambunctious puppies just south of Seattle, Washington. I have an art degree from Frostburg State University; in the last few years I’ve been teaching crafters the love of coloring, painting, and drawing in a variety of mediums, in hopes of inspiring their inner artist to come out and play too!

World Watercolor Month - Watercolor by Sandy Allnock - Puppies - Doodlewash
World Watercolor Month - Watercolor by Sandy Allnock - Louvre - Doodlewash

Though I’ve been an artist my whole life, I’ve only dabbled in watercolor since the fall of 2014; I was going to sketch my way across Europe, and wanted some color, and thought, “How hard could watercolor be?” (You can stop laughing.)

I had fun filling sketchbooks during that trip, but not with much worth writing home about – though I did prop my little 5×8 sketchbook in a corner of the Louvre’s marble walls and snapped a photo, so I can say I had a limited one-woman exhibition there!

World Watercolor Month - Watercolor by Sandy Allnock - Bouquet - Doodlewash

Fortunately, I’m not one daunted by a challenge, because after painting since then, I still feel like a newbie – and I get a thrill out of learning something new. I’m constantly taking watercolor workshops at my local art store, Daniel Smith (I know, I know, how lucky for me!), and trying to discover what is “my” style. For now I’ve decided that it’s ok to have a completely different style every day, without consistency, while I make that attempt.

World Watercolor Month - Watercolor by Sandy Allnock - Chickadees - Doodlewash

While I use a variety of paints, my love for the last year or so has been Daniel Smith watercolors. I put my tube paints into half-pans in a metal palette, and create a swatch card for myself to remember what’s in it – since I have an embarrassing 7 palettes full! (Anyone else need all the colors?? #fullsetsyndrome is my nemesis!)

My desert island paints would be Daniel Smith’s 6 Essentials, if I could only have 6 colors…they have a warm and cool red/yellow/blue that mix to become anything. And if I had to pare it down further – New Gamboge, Phthalo Blue Green Shade, and Quin Rose. But…I am fortunate NOT to be relegated to a desert island!

World Watercolor Month - Watercolor by Sandy Allnock - Focus - Doodlewash

That means I get to pick a few other favorite colors, and the palette shown here is my top 18; Daniel Smith makes dot cards with samples of the actual paints (you can get one of mine HERE) – I chose colors that are some of my favorites, but also with a leeeaaaan toward my crafting students and their needs to paint simply and not mix a ton of colors. (For example: lately I don’t use Lunar Black for black, only for granulation; otherwise I mix Indanthrone, Transparent Pyrrol Orange, and Quinacridone Burnt Orange.)

World Watercolor Month - Watercolor by Sandy Allnock - Iris - Doodlewash

My favorite brushes by a landslide are the Silver Brush Co’s Black Velvet line of round brushes, and have been working mostly with a #8 and #12 in recent months – the larger the better, as I’m trying to loosen up! These brushes point beautifully – and hold the point for a long long time – and hold a lot of water and pigment in the belly, if you like that!

I’m also an Arches artist – favorite paper for the most part! Some others stay wet longer, but, I find wet paper can be really hard for this impatient artist to work with!

Bible Journaling is another area of deep interest for me, especially since I’ve worked through some techniques to paint on that thin, lightweight paper; limiting water by sometimes even painting with baby wipes!

World Watercolor Month - Watercolor by Sandy Allnock - Bible Journaling - Doodlewash

And other times, I paint my faith outside of my Bible, as well.

World Watercolor Month - Watercolor by Sandy Allnock - Bible - Unfolding of Words - Doodlewash

My online following is mostly my beloved crafters; I produce three videos a week on YouTube – at least one a week is usually watercolor – and I host classes at Here are two examples of some of the regular card videos on my blog:

I’m an avid student of watercolor – as I said, I’m attempting to discover my style! You may have noticed a wide variety here, and much of that is due to taking so many watercolor classes from great instructors. I find I’m a little jealous that they know what “their” thing is – they have a signature style and a way to teach it. I, however, just “try on everyone’s sweaters,” as one teacher told me. I see what it’s like to paint in that style, and whether I find it’s “my thing” or not, I learn from the attempts.

As a discipline, I try to paint at least a little every day – as a full-time artist, that’s doable, but I encourage everyone to even take a few minutes to draw or paint in a sketchbook at least!

Creating every day is my mantra…the more you make, the more you learn, the more you improve!

World Watercolor Month - Watercolor by Sandy Allnock - Einstein - Doodlewash
World Watercolor Month - Watercolor by Sandy Allnock - Vatican Sunset - Doodlewash

I have one final painting to share….it’s Rome, and inspired by that European trip, though it was the 14th try at capturing it!

The B&B I stayed at was amazing, overlooking St Peters’s….and the owner, Rosa Maria, was the best hostess ever, sharing exactly which church in which of its naves displayed each of the Caravaggio paintings I had gone there to see. Each night she waited up for me to get home so she could look through my sketches and see where I was that day.

I painted this scene again and again, and wasn’t happy with it until I took a class from Björn Bernström – and applying his amazing techniques, I was finally happy enough with it to send it to Rosa Maria. So now…I have a one-woman show at Al Colonnato di San Pietro in Rome. Which fortunately sounds like it could be a gallery. *wink*

Sandy Allnock

Sandy Allnock

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51 thoughts on “GUEST ARTIST: “Create Every Day” by Sandy Allnock

  1. SHUT UP!!!! Charlie – Sandy and I are friends! How fun to see you here, girl!! I like the sweaters thing – I feel like that too, although I think part of that is throwing things OUT of your likes more than it is throwing things in. You are the most talented woman I know. xo

  2. Your paintings are beautiful!! I love ALL your work – especially your dogs and birds! Could you tell me who manufactures the half pans that you fill with your tube paints? I seem to be acquiring lots of paints and this looks like a great way to use them. 🎨👍 I am now following you on IG! Cheers! 😍

  3. My favorite is the fox! Artsy! But I adore the birds. Your pups are too cute and the Unfolding of Words is awesome! I think I love the idea that is painted into the Unfolding of Words so maybe that is my favorite. Oh nutmeg, I can’t decide!

  4. I enjoyed reading this feature article SO much, especially details of your European trip that I hadn’t read before. Sandy, you are exceptionally gifted and generous. I’ll continue to “follow” you everywhere!

  5. I loved this! So much I didn’t know. I think I always think you started out with a brush and watercolors in hand. You are so talented and inspire me with your art and words. Happy Birthday to G! I miss my pup. Thanks for sharing so much of your life.

  6. You have been an inspiration for me. I am sixty-eight and trying to teach myself waterproofing. Maybe one day I can get on one of your classes. I don’t understand how this works on the computer. Thank you this lovely look into some of your life as an artist.

  7. Absolutely stunning…all of your different “sweaters” suit you! Thanks for sharing this with us…love, Love, LOVE your paintings… and happy birthday, big G!

  8. Love the post and the pictures. Thank you for featuring Sandy. I have been a very long time follower of Sandy’s. Not only is she a very talented artist (in all kinds of mediums) and blogger, but she is also the most kind-hearted person ever and one day I hope to get to meet her in person. The crafting and art community has a true gem.

  9. I love your work too. You have a couple of classes that look good. I am an online class junky and also I have many, many tubes of watercolor (lots of Daniel Smith) and lots of pans too. It would be heaven for me to live by that store. I would end up with lots of paint! It is okay to wear a different sweater every day, sometimes that is the best way to go. I am following you on Instagram now also. I like the sky of the picture in Rome the best and then the dog pictures.

  10. Just beautiful Sandy! Thanks for sharing your talent with us. I have been following your work for years now and have thoroughly enjoyed your classes and learning along with you. I appreciate all you do to represent us technique crafters! Blessings always!

  11. Sandy, what a sweet surprise to find you as the featured artist today on Doodlewash! I am really enjoying the Fresh Florals class and am on the last lesson. Thanks for everything you have shared and taught us eager learners over the years – all the way back to OWH TV. I think the ability to have many styles is a great thing – you do them all so well! 💐

  12. Hi Sandy! I love your watercolor pieces, especially your florals. As one of your crafty followers, I can’t thank you enough for all your instruction and encouragement. Thanks for always treating your “beloved crafters” as artists, not as “just crafters.” 😁

  13. I’m kind of glad that you haven’t yet boxed yourself into a “style”. I so enjoy your sweater changes. Since you are a teacher, you will probably never stop trying on different sweaters, and that is a good thing for those of us who you inspire.

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