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Hahnemühle 1584 Notebook Review Image

Since 1584, Hahnemühle has used experience, innovation and high-quality materials to create art papers. They have introduced a Stationery FineArt product line and this year’s offering is the Hahnemühle 1584 notebook.

Hahnemühle 1584 Notebook Cover

The textured, cloth-bound hardcovers, three color-coordinated marker ribbons and elastic bands make it a beautiful book. Filled with both dot-grid and plain colored paper, it’s a pleasure to work in.

Hahnemühle 1584 Notebook Specs

  • Size: 5.83 x 8.27 in /A5
  • No. of Pages: 100 sheets/200 pages
  • 80 sheets/160 pages of dot grid, 90 gsm
  • 20 sheets/40 pages of blank purple paper, 100 gsm
  • Cover: Hardback
  • Binding: Sewn
  • Extras: Three marker ribbons, Elastic band
  • Available Colors: Lilac (Shown here), Peach and Sea Green

I’m reviewing the Lilac version.


1584 Notebook Look and Feel

1584 Notebook Cover Lilac

The cover is more finely-grained than it looks in my photo. It’s a neutral gray that coordinates well with the lilac elastic band and papers. It’s clothbound but has a textured feel. It makes me think of stone, almost rough, but smooth enough to be pleasant to the touch.

The corners are squared and the edges of the cover overlap the body of the paper. The elastic band is color coordinated to the color of the book.

Hahnemühle 1584 Notebook Paper Dot Grid Detail Photo

The dots are a faint gray – so faint that I had a difficult time getting them to show on scan or photo and had to do a closeup so they would show here. They provide a guide while writing or drawing, but fade to eye so they don’t interfere with the finished work. On the other hand, some people will find them hard to see.

Dot grids are great for bullet journaling, writing of any kind, and figuring out perspective and proportions in your sketches.

It’s a nice paper to write on. It’s smooth, hard-surfaced and just slightly slick. Every pen I used moved across the page without skipping and without smudging.

Hahnemühle 1584 Notebook Side View

What really makes the book stand out is the section of blank lilac paper nestled between sections of white dot grid paper. There are:

  • 40 sheets of dot grid
  • 20 sheets of blank lilac paper
  • 40 sheets of dot grid
1584 Notebook Color Pages In Center

The dot grid is 90 gsm while the lilac is 100 gsm. The lilac has a slightly different feel, less slick.

I’ll be using this lilac paper for sketching (well, to be fair, I’ll probably use the whole book for sketching). I love toned paper and this lilac screams for colored inks.

1584 Notebook Back View

The elastic band is inset into the back and is hidden on the inside by the lilac end-papers. The only ornamentation on the book is the 1584 embossed at the bottom of the back cover.

Hahnemühle 1584 Notebook Three Ribbon Bookmarks

There are three bookmark ribbons to help you keep track of the items you find most important in your book.

This book is very tactile in feel. The covers, ribbons and elastic band all have a slight texture which contrasts with the smooth, almost slick feel of the paper.  In Hahnemühle’s blurb, it is described as feminine. I’m not quite sure I agree with that.  There are people who don’t like color in their notebooks, especially for the office, but I think it is useful for organizing notes and charts.  The color is more of a highlight, and the gray is very neutral.


Hahnemühle 1584 Notebook Test of Various Pens Pencils Watercolor

Even though the paper feels slick to the touch, and pens do glide across the page, it is absorbent enough that ink and paint dry quickly and I had no trouble with either smudging or skipping (and I’m a lefty).

Bleed-through was about average. The permanent pen with alcohol ink bleeds through everything but 300 lb. and paper with surface sizing for such ink. The circles where I saturated the color had specks of bleed-through. Surprisingly the watercolor didn’t bleed-through at all.

There was more show-through than I expected. It isn’t enough show-through to bother me; I’d write on the back of the page. I know that some people would find it to be too much.

1584 Notebook Ink Drawing Test

My favorite use for a dot-grid paper is doing step-outs like this one. The grid helps with drawing the squares for each step. When you are doing a step-out, you have to draw several elements (the horns, the face, etc) over and over. Keeping the elements approximately the same size and in the same place is difficult for me – I tend to be a messy inker. The dots helped immensely.

While, I want some parts of my step-out to be as exact as possible, I want to go wild elsewhere as in the optional area. When I’m doing those illustrations, it is easy to ignore the dots.

Writing Paper Light Watercolor Wash

I pulled out my Sarasa Clip Pens and went crazy on the Lilac paper. Opaque colors POP on these pages.

Color Art Paint and Pens

When I started my Leaf Sheep step-out, I goofed up on the fifth step (alll-most had it, darn it!). I decided I’d do a ‘save’ on it. A good test and one of my favorite things to do.

I took a technical pen and scribbled all over the page. I had carved a leaf sheep stamp earlier and I loaded it with watercolor and stamped in a couple of places (around the chest and legs area).

Starting with watercolor, and leaving the shape of the hippo unpainted, I blended colors all over the page, getting it wet enough in areas to puddle. Then, with the brush almost out of paint, I dry-brushed color over most of the hippo.

Once that dried, I added gouache fresh from the tube to add the flowers (mostly to hide the step-out drawings) and to add the ripples in the water.

There was some dimpling in the paper, but it shows on the back and not the front. The texture of the paper changed (again, to be expected with this kind of paper). It feels rougher and makes a crackling sound when you turn the page. I actually love that sound and drive my husband crazy by flipping the page back and forth so I can hear it, lol.

Dot Paper Grid Example

Another project that I worked on was for a postcard painting of a Golden Snub-Nose Monkey. The BBC channel had been advertising one of their beautiful documentaries, and the trailer included one of these guys. Hubby kept asking me for a painting of one.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a good reference photo that was free to use, so I had to figure out how to draw one freehand.

Looking at several photos online, I did a study of the overall shapes and proportions and …

Drawing On Dot Grid Paper

… then I did a study of head and face. The finished work was done on a postcard so I won’t show it here.

Hahnemühle 1584 Notebook Overall

Although manufacturing methods have changed since 1584, Hahnemühle is still producing fine papers. The 1584 notebook is an elegant offering, tactile to the touch and a joy to use. The look is elegant and it is pleasant to hold in the hand.

The book has 100 sheets/200 pages altogether. There is a section of lilac-colored paper nestled between sections of dot-grid paper.

The paper does have enough bleed-through and show-through – I would take care not to use mediums that are too wet – dryer fountain pens, inks, and light watercolor washes are fine. Technical pens, gel pens, pencils, water-based markers all work well. I had no problem with smudging or skipping.

The dots might be too light for those with poor eyesight, but for most they are just dark enough to guide when needed and light enough to fade away when they are not.

Opaque colors really pop on the lilac paper.

You can find the Hahnemühle 1584 at:

Other tools Used in this Review:


Hahnemühle sent me a copy of both the 1584 Notebook for the purposes of this review. I received no other considerations, though this post may contain affiliate links which help support Doodlewash. As always, all opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. alice 3 years ago

    I had wondered about these books, thanks for the review. and I do love that golden snub nose 🙂

    • Author
      Sandra Strait 3 years ago

      Thank you, Alice! I wish this had been ready sooner because it would be a great book for your Zen-untangled challenge.

  2. Karen Fortier 3 years ago

    Thanks for the review Sandra! Your reviews are always so helpful!

    • Author
      Sandra Strait 3 years ago

      Many thanks, Karen! I love hearing that my reviews are helpful. It means I’ve done my job!

  3. Sharon Bonin-Pratt 3 years ago

    Hahnemuhle creates such consistently excellent quality in their products. Thank you, Sandra, for a thorough description of this notebook.

    • Author
      Sandra Strait 3 years ago

      Thank you for the compliment, Sharon. I totally agree about Hahnemühle’s consistent quality!

  4. Lisa Ann Ulibarri 3 years ago

    Thanks for the wonderful review!!! Its great to see what products i have not tried are all about. 🙂

    • Author
      Sandra Strait 3 years ago

      My pleasure, Lisa! I’m with you – I love to see what the new products are and what they can do.

  5. Walter F Pierluissi 3 years ago

    As usual your reviews are not only informatives but truly enjoyable and excedenly appreciated… Thanks for a well done review. Every time I watch one of your reviews makes me wanting to try the product too….🤔🤗👌

    • Author
      Sandra Strait 3 years ago

      Many thanks, Walt! One of the reasons I started reviewing was so that I would have an excuse to try all those fancy new things, lol! I’m glad you enjoy the reviews.

  6. Laura Hale 3 years ago

    Thank you for your review! Wow, it was really thorough. We appreciate the time you put into it. The paper looks beautiful!

    • Author
      Sandra Strait 3 years ago

      Thank you so much, Laura! The paper is wonderful. I really like the purple paper. It’s the first time I worked on a color background in that tone, but it won’t be the last!

  7. SpiceCuisine 3 years ago

    Thank for the great review!

  8. Heidi S. 3 years ago

    I’ve always been hesitant on ‘bullet paper’.
    Maybe I should review my opinion on that 🙂

    • Author
      Sandra Strait 3 years ago

      It isn’t for everyone, but it’s very useful for certain things.

  9. Jennifer McLean 3 years ago

    great review Sandra, as always. It is comforting to have someone push those papers to the brink, I’m never as bold as you so thanks for making all our reviews better. You rock Sandra.

    • Author
      Sandra Strait 3 years ago

      Thank you, Jenn! Nothing I like better than trying to destroy a paper, lol.

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