Halloween Flight

Halloween Bat Trick Or Treat Flying Pumpkin Basket Watercolor Illustration

For our prompt of “Flying” today, my inner child was in the mood for something in honor of Halloween, so we have a little bat out for a night of trick or treating. I loved going door to door getting free candy as a kid and I’m sure if I had the ability to fly like this bat, then I could have covered even more ground. As it was, I was relegated to my immediate neighborhood, but there were still plenty of houses and I would return home with more candy than any child should ever eat. It was amazing! In truth, I didn’t like every sort of candy and was a bit picky when it came to eating them. But, having a bag filled with the stuff always felt like I’d won a trophy. I’d dump everything on my bed when I got back to see what I was given. I really wasn’t paying attention to what the neighbors put in my bag in the moment. So, it was like opening a gift and one last little surprise to end a thrilling night of sugary adventure.

As an adult, I no longer eat candy, but will occasionally indulge myself by eating a bite of chocolate. That is, if there’s any still left in the house as chocolate is the number one favorite of my husband Philippe. I had a chocolate covered espresso bean last night that was delicious, but there were only a few left. Philippe is off work for much of this week as it’s his birthday tomorrow, so he’s welcome to have them all. I’m actually rather excited about his birthday because I bought all of his little gifts a month in advance and now I can’t remember a thing that I picked out for him. So, when I go into my mad rush to conceal everything tomorrow after work, it will be a surprise for me as well! As many of know already, I’m rubbish at wrapping gifts. Thankfully, this is a treat reserved for Christmas and birthdays can be serviced with a collection of gift bags. I thought I was a gift bag short and so I saved the cute bag from the pet store we visited over the weekend, just in case.

Truly, I enjoy giving treats even more than receiving them, so I’m looking forward to tomorrow evening. We are going to have the annual orange Grand Marnier cake that we get each year from the Swiss bakery. This year, he’s picking up his own cake as that’s what happens when you’ve been together more than a decade and no longer have the energy to coordinate who gets to use our only car. Our dog Elliott has been a bundle of energy, so I’m hoping he and dad will have a nice play day to wear him out. Elliott’s birthday is next month and he’ll be one year old. I’m sure he’d be totally up for going door to door begging for treats, but we haven’t told him about that little ritual yet. He has a little orange bowtie that we bought him for the season, but when we put it on him he just kept walking sideways trying to get a better look, so we took it off. And, even though I’m older now, I still enjoy this time of year like I’m a kid again. I can still soar through the night playing tricks and collecting treats on my own imagined Halloween flight.

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Halloween Bat Trick Or Treat Flying Pumpkin Basket Watercolor Illustration Sketchbook Detail

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  1. scrittoralinda 2 months ago

    Yayyyyyyyyyyyy Charlie! And happy birthday to Phillippe.

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 2 months ago

      Thanks so much, Linda! 😃💕 I can’t wait to have some of his cake! hehe

  2. April 2 months ago

    This is so cute, Charlie!

  3. Sandra Strait 2 months ago

    When I was a kid, my parents would send me out trick or treating with my older brother to keep watch. He wasn’t very good at it, and usually he and his friends would get way ahead of me. And almost every year, my bag would tear and most of my candy fall out, or I’d get too shy and just go home. Fortunately, big bro would always share his stash with me!

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 2 months ago

      Aww that sounds like your big bro was good at looking after you by the end! 😃💕 hehe

  4. Zoie McIntyre 2 months ago

    He is delightful Charlie. Guess what I received my One Little Ghost – it is delightful too 😉 I love it. Halloween is my favourite. I have been a bit too busy this time to enjoy it as I usually love to, but that’s okay. Sometimes life is important 😉
    Happy birthday to Phillippe!! I hope you two have a snuggly delightful evening.

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 2 months ago

      Thanks so much, Zoie! 😃💕 And yay! Thanks for getting my book… I’m glad you enjoy it. If you get a chance and can leave a review on Amazon, that would be amazing. It’s always tough to get reviews on these. hehe And I’ll let Philippe know… I’m excited for the evening ahead!

      • Zoie McIntyre 1 month ago

        My review was left the day I received it (just about). 🙂 Can’t remember. How was the birthday celebration?

        • Author
          Charlie O'Shields 1 month ago

          Thanks so much!! ❤️ It was wonderful! Always so much fun!! (even when it’s Philippe’s birthday, I enjoy it sometimes more than my own! hehe) 🙂

          • Zoie McIntyre 2 weeks ago

            I totally get that Charlie. I am the same way. I think we all love getting presents and I’m no exception but I absolutely love giving presents and watching the other people receiving them. I miss that!

  5. Victoria Marie 2 months ago

    Happy Birthday to Philippe.

  6. Marisela Delgado 2 months ago

    Charlie, mi amigo! I’ve missed you. Oh, Charlie, two trips to the emergency clinic and a scary situation. I will explain later. I’m better, but stuff like this makes me sad. I have cried a lot these past few days. After 9 years plus of injuries and pain, I am tired.
    It’s so wonderful to hear from you. I hope Philippe has a beautiful birthday! Yeah, free candy was so awesome! Now drugs are made to look like candy! My how times have changed.

    • scrittoralinda 2 months ago

      Prayers. I hope all goes well for you Marisela.

      • Marisela Delgado 2 months ago

        Thanks, Linda. I am better now. The 9 and a half year old scar from the original injury (cut varicose vein while shaving) started to open. Yes, they can and, yes, they do. Trust me, they do. Wound Care doctor said to care for the scar like a baby. This was a complete shock. It’s a quick fix, but, after so much, I get very sad. I am better, though. Just resting my leg. 💜 I hope you are well. Sending you hugs. And thank you for your concern and kind words.

        • scrittoralinda 2 months ago

          Marisela, yep you cut, it bleeds. Great advice from doctor.
          Enjoy the fall. It is still in the low 20s Celsius here which is unusual. Climate change?

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 2 months ago

      Hola, mi amiga! I missed you as well! 😃💕 I’m so sorry to hear that, but glad to know you’re better now. I sent you an email as well. Yeah, free candy was wonderful and you’re right, they do make drugs look like candy now… not free though. 😉 hehe Much love to you!! ❤️

  7. Mary Roff 2 months ago

    Love this Halloween bat, Charlie! It was always fun collecting a bag full of candy and when I was a kid homemade cookies and occasionally nickels and dimes. The big reveal at the end of the night was just as much fun as coming up with a costume and collecting the goodies.

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 2 months ago

      Thanks so much, Mary! 😃💕 I remember when people were handing out homemade goodies… hehe… we kids always told others and so we descended on that house! lol Sometimes the lights went out early after we gobbled everything up! hehe

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