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So here’s a little something that can hang upside down, per your request. In this case, it’s a baby possum, because the large ones are freaky looking and scare the crap out of me. There used to be one that appeared on our doorstep when I would take Phineas out for a walk, and then scuttle away like a huge awkward rat. It was disconcerting. Philippe thinks they’re cute at any age, but I still contend the older ones are creepy.

Apparently, it’s a myth that these little creatures sleep upside down because their tails, while strong, really wouldn’t hold them up very long. A fat possum wouldn’t last more than a couple seconds before plummeting to the ground. So there you have it. Myth debunked. And now that you know, you won’t be kept up at night worrying about it. So, you’re welcome.

I decided on the cliche title because things have been getting pretty busy for everyone during the holidays. Also, because cats are usually the star of this little motto and I thought it was time to let a possum take the stage for once. This time of year, while super fun, requires a bit of extra effort with all the holiday gatherings, baking, and of course, shopping!

When I came downstairs this morning, Philippe told me to wait on the stairs as he was shopping for one of my gifts. This reminded me that I’ve purchased exactly nothing yet, and have just made little lists in my head. Which don’t count as actual gifts apparently. People say, “it’s the thought that counts” but nobody actually means it. They always want something, and they don’t want it to be something stupid and awkward.

Philippe is always so good to pick things out and buy them promptly, while I usually wait until the last second and binge shop in wild desperation. All the ideas I had in my head spill out and I get distracted and then have an even better idea that requires twice as much to ship in order to have it arrive on time. Each year, I vow to myself to plan ahead only to disappoint myself yet again the following year. This is another of those years.

I hope you’re all enjoying your weekend, and are better prepared for the upcoming holiday. Unless it’s not one you celebrate, of course. Either way, wishing you fun times in the days ahead, because, well, every day should have a little fun in it!

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  1. Kari 7 years ago

    I’m usually a last minute shower too.. Maybe you’ll do some online shopping this weekend.. Hanukkah is just about done and at least my big shopping is done for my kids. I still have to get Christmas gifts for my side of the family.

    The baby possum is super cute!

    • Author

      Thanks Kari! Glad you liked him! 💕😃 And the autocorrect said you “last minute shower” …lol…that made me giggle! Christmas and Hanukkah?!! Wow! That is a busy time of year for you! And I’m impressed that you’re already done shopping for the kids. I still haven’t done anything, but I’m feeling hopeful for tomorrow. 😊hehe

      • Kari 7 years ago

        Lol.. I did over 100 physics problems today.. My brain is mush! Happy Shopping! 😊

        • Author

          Over 100 physics problems?!! 😳My brain would be mush before I started! Lol And thanks! Got a little shopping done last night. Hehe😊

  2. Sand Salt Moon 7 years ago

    That possum needs his own children’s book. And you need a personal shopper, lol! : ))) You are a gift, Charlie

    • Author

      Awww thanks, Cynthia!! 😊❤️😃 Yeah, this little guy would make a good character for a book. But personal shopper?! That sounds amazing! I would love that!! Lol

  3. artandmoondreams 7 years ago

    Love love love…rapidly swatting the ‘like’ button….lol…adorable painting cuteness factor has exceeded my sugar quota for the month. Great post, mental lists are wonderful and totally get where you are coming from. Thank you for sharing the fun.

    • Author

      Hehe! Thanks Haunani!! ❤️😃I’m actually not a big fan of these creatures, but have to admit that any baby version can be pretty cute. Glad you liked him!!

  4. Teri C 7 years ago

    Awwww, so cute.

  5. Sharon Mann 7 years ago

    Cute!!! Charlie, you have a real knack for the little woodland creatures. When I lived in San Diego, the possums would come out at night. They peek in our screen door during the summer. The cutest thing I saw was a mother walking with her 8 little babies clinging to her back. We had skunks too, but that’s a different story. Haha.

    • Author

      Hehe!! Thanks Sharon!! 💕😃 The full grown possums still seem a little creepy to me, but babies are super cute in any animal. Bet the mother with babies was a fun thing to see! And as for a skunk…that was the other option up for the vote this time! Haha! 😉

  6. Damita M-S 7 years ago

    The possum is so cute! I’m always a last minute person with gifts but thank god I don’t have many to get. Have a wonderful holiday!🌲

  7. Jill Kuhn 7 years ago

    Awesome Possum, Charlie! I have never seen a real one except perhaps at a zoo. Yours is very good! 😃🌟🎨

    • Author

      Thanks Jill! 💕😃 You’re not missing anything seeing them on your doorstep! It’s super weird and makes me cringe. They’re like little rat bunnies. 😳 hehe

  8. Jodi 7 years ago

    You better get busy Charlie! I’m behind too. But trying to focus more on time than gifts. (We’ll see how that goes over !). Lol.

    • Author

      Hehe! I know!! I need to get my act together!! 😊 But time “thinking hard about what to do” doesn’t seem to be magically making gifts appear! lol 😳

      • Jodi 7 years ago

        I hear you – I am struggling this year too – hard to get in the Christmas spirit when it is 70 degrees here today – craziness! 🙂

  9. itsmyhusbandandme 7 years ago

    He’s cute. I meant the possum!

  10. I’m right there with ya Charlie! Love your little possum. And what a cute pose he gave you. How did you get him to do that lol? I’m hoping to get some shopping done today. Ugh, not looking forward to it lol!

    • Author

      Thanks Laura!! 😃❤️And lol…not ever going to try to get close to an actual one! They still freak me out a bit. 😊 I managed a couple gifts last night (much easier online then braving the stores! Hehe)…good luck with your shopping!! (And please don’t worry too much about what to buy me…I’m super easy to please!! 😉)

      • Lol! I was thinking about doing an art supply giveaway! We all love them so much. Would be fun! I def prefer online shipping but still….the pressure! lol

        • Author

          Ohhhh! An art supply giveaway would be great! Actually we could probably all just do an art swap with stuff we bought with an intent to use someday. 😊lol And I agree, the pressure can be tough on shopping. Philippe is so good at getting the perfect unexpected gift and I struggle thinking, “can you just tell me what you want?!!”

          • Same thing here! My family are good at gifting. My heart is 1000% in it, but sometimes the more time and effort I put in, the worse I do. And lists don’t let you out, at least not with us because there’s always the expectation of getting cool interesting stuff not on the lists. I wish I were better at it. 😕 Art supply swap sounds like a really good idea! We all have stuff we prob won’t use….

          • Author

            I’m the same!! More time doesn’t make a better gift, I just end up overthinking it! Lol 😊 And we do all have the supplies! I have some I haven’t opened yet! Hehe

          • Me toooooo lol :)))))

  11. Cathe 7 years ago

    Your possum is adorable! But is it an opossum or a possum? Either way I love this one with his outstretched hand. Um, I have bought nothing either…I wonder how the holidays would be with nothing purchased…it could happen here at this rate!

    • Author

      Thanks Cathe! 💕😃 It’s officially opossum, but the casual version is possum. I looked it up before posting and it said also known as “Didelphimorphia”… Known by this to exactly nobody except scientists of course! Hehe…if you can’t get something, you’ll have to make something instead! 😉 Gifts are the cool part. Of course, this said by someone who plans to make nothing! Hehe

  12. Jacob 7 years ago

    Adorable. He looks like he’s doing some sort of gymnastics routine… he’s probably more co-ordinated than I was in Gym!

    Your situation regarding Christmas shopping is exactly the same as my own. I’ve not started yet, though I told myself in December that I would start no later than the beginning of December this year. A couple of years back, I started on 23rd! I did it all in one (impressively quick) blitz. I guess I’m hoping for that kind of thing again this year… perhaps I just love the thrill of the chase 😉 or, more likely, I can’t be doing with Christmas shopping.

    • Author

      Lol…thanks! I’m sure this little guy works out more than I do, which is true for anything that actually moved around a bit. 😊 Whoa! The 23rd?! That’s insane! I can’t bear to be around that many people so I wait until Amazon screams at me to shop immediately in their lovely Last Chance email.

      • Jacob 7 years ago

        I should really do more online shopping. It wasn’t so bad at that late stage – mostly grumpy men rushing around refusing to make eye contact and no Christmas cheer whatsoever. My kind of people when it comes to shopping 😉

  13. kirkistan 7 years ago

    Your opossum looks so…welcoming. They are kind of creepy little things, though, aren’t they? As to shopping, I am a bad shopper. I tend to wait until two days before. But I won’t do that this year (yes I will).

    • Author

      Thanks Kirk!! Yeah..they are totally creepy little things!! The babies are somewhat better, but that didn’t stop me from getting a bit creeped out while painting this. And awesome to last minute shopping!! Lol So glad to know I’m not alone there!

  14. memadtwo 7 years ago

    So cute! Getting it together for any event is difficult for me, and Christmas is no exception. Luckily, my older daughter came to help get a tree yesterday. So that’s one step forward! Good luck with your shopping. (K)

    • Author

      Thanks Kerfe! 😃😃 And yay to getting a tree! That’s an important step! Hehe… still trying to figure out what to get.😊 I’m so bad at this shopping thing!

  15. memadtwo 7 years ago

    Sometimes last minute provides focus!

  16. thepaperbaker 7 years ago

    I had one of these that somehow got into my house when I was single. I found it hiding behind my decorative potato bin, in the dark kitchen, at 11:30 at night hissing at me.

    !!!TOTAL PANIC!!!

    I had some friends come over to help me….let’s just say that when the thing started to race around my living room like it was a Nascar track….I turned into some African Zulu Rain Dance Warrior…

    It was a night we will never forget lol

    BTW…fabulous doodlewash 😉

    • Author

      Thanks Nicole! 💕Oh my!! 😳haha!! I bet that was terrifying!! Those things are freaky looking! Like oversized rats!! But I can totally picture your dance! Lol

  17. Rachel Murphree 7 years ago

    Adorb! love this little guy. Can you see I’m way behind in keeping up with emails? Tis the season…

    • Author

      Hehe!! No worries!! Thanks Rachel! 💕😃Glad you liked him. We liked this one too! Just received him on a pillow because Philippe wanted one. Lol…looks pretty cool! 😉

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