As I was going to figure out something to sketch for our prompt of “Wheat” today, I received an email from a food truck delivery service announcing it was International Burger Day. So, I ended up sketching a burger on a wheat bun. Upon learning of this momentous occasion, I first ran upstairs to notify Philippe. I told him in a very grand manner as one might if revealing they’d just met a celebrity. My own enthusiasm was not met with equal strength and he just sort of shrugged, and then smiled. I guess this was the reaction I’ve come to expect, but I wanted him to immediately say we simply must have a burger tonight to celebrate. Perhaps some champagne, as that’s a perfect way to truly level up any celebration. Indeed, our burgers are normally of the veggie variety, but that still counts! Yet in the end, something was lacking in my presentation, as I don’t think I’l actually be getting that burger tonight, but I’m still holding out hope for the champagne.

Indeed, this was the least opportune time for such a festive day as we’re sort of on a diet. Or, at the very least attempting to eat healthier, lower calorie options as we shed pounds acquired during quarantine. Since we’re both still working from home, even our daily walks don’t provide quite the same number of steps we used to enjoy. And when I’m stuck at home all of the time, comfort food often becomes the most desirable option. There’s something about being so often indoors that makes it feel like winter all over again. Also, I haven’t had a haircut in over three months, keep forgetting to shave, and look like a crazy professor from a Scooby Doo mystery. It’s really not the sort of look that pairs well with a swimsuit body anyway. So, needless to say, I’m not terribly motivated on that front and still really wish for all of the fabulous foods I really shouldn’t be eating.

Thankfully, Philippe does agree with enjoying treats in moderation so we’ve had lots of little fun treats along the way. We’ve had everything from cobbler to lava cakes. Yet, I say “little” because most Americans would think they’re merely samples like you might get at Costco. I really do almost giggle when Philippe hands me a plate with the tiniest square of cobbler and a teaspoon of ice cream on top. Last night, I discovered a bag of potato chips we’d actually not opened yet. It was a few moments later, however, that Philippe announced he was making a quiche, which is basically like getting a savory meal and pie all at once. So, the chips were left in place in order to balance things out. Now that I think of it, they could be an option for this evening. Even if I may not get the main course, I could still enjoy its side dishes and create my own little form of celebration to have a rather happy burger day!

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34 thoughts on “Happy Burger Day!

  1. Boy that burger looks so good Charlie! I am hoping to get downtown for lunch next week for either a burger or a chicken breast sandwich and a dark beer at our favorite Brewery. My husband is off all week so we will choose a quiet time to go. Baby steps and outdoor setting. Stay safe.

  2. çà serait formidable d’avoir une photo de vous en ce moment – non rasé – non coiffé – cheveux longs – ou – vous le faites en dessin – merci

  3. I wish I’d known it was National Burger Day and I would have had a burger for dinner instead of the Thai Coconut Lentil soup that I had. Although, it was very good Thai Coconut Lentil soup.

  4. Just lost my comment due to user error. Just know that I was brilliant and hysterically funny. And the upshot was we are having burgers on the grill for dinner tomorrow night.

  5. Looks deeeelicious! Give me a good burger over anything and I am a happy girl. Matter of fact that is the only take out we have had during our lockdown, twice. 🙂

  6. Fantastic burger Charlie, had I known in time I too would have celebrated with a burger … but when I found out on the late evening news my partner had the same non reaction as Philippe.. worse he said but we just had burgers the other night …no sense of occasion that man! I too am fussing about excess weight and uncut hair but then I remind my privileged self that two years ago I had no hair( cancer) and wouldn’t eat for days … reminds me how precious and lucky I really am even if I didn’t get burgers on the National day!

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