For our prompt of “Hare” today, I made a little sketch of one hopping with a squirrel looking on in amazement. I’ve no idea if squirrels are particularly impressed by hares, but it was fun to consider. It’s finally spring where I live and though I wish it could be just a bit warmer, it’s been a lovely day. After several days of cold gray skies and rain, the sun returned to brighten up everything around, which made me smile. Though I spent most of the day indoors and working, I was jumping for joy on the inside at least. Little buds have begun to appear on trees, but it will be a few weeks before spring really decides to begin its show. It’s such an incredible time as the seasons begin to change. Even though it happens each and every year, it still feels like I’m watching it all for the very first time. And, I couldn’t be more thrilled for the days ahead. I guess it’s just another wonderful side effect of my persistently eager child inside who always manages to see the world with fresh eyes and fresh hope.

Though there’s more daylight at this time of year, it still never feels like there’s any more time in the day. I’ve been so busy lately with so many different projects that it’s all been a big blur. Some days, I feel like I’m heading back to bed soon after I’ve woken up. I can only hope that I managed to make a few things happen in between. But, I’ve been having a blast! Perhaps the joy of creating is the true culprit for making the days zoom past. When I’m creating new stuff, I always feel so energized, even when I’m trying to make too much stuff happen at once. It certainly beats those days when I’m not feeling very inspired or when I don’t have projects that I’m excited to complete. Indeed, I worry less about completing things on a list and more about just having wonderful things to immerse myself in DOing! I’m certain that the more things I try, the more chances I’ll have to get at least something that turns out rather lovely.

Since the weather has been nicer, Philippe and I have been going on more walks, which also lifts my spirits. Though on one recent walk I managed to stub my toe, which didn’t make me particularly happy. Mostly because it confirmed that I’m just a huge klutz much of the time. I get so caught up in looking at everything around me that the ground and what’s coming right in front of me is often only observed at the very last minute, or indeed, a split second too late. I just don’t want to miss each little leaf and newly blossoming flower. It’s all so incredibly beautiful how nature manages to create such a spectacular show of textures and colors. When I see it happen each year, I’m filled with the same enthusiasm as when I was a little kid. And, though I no longer skip like I did back then, my heart is always still beating with a happy hop.

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Jumping Hare And Squirrel Spring Watercolor Illustration Sketchbook Detail

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21 thoughts on “Happy Hop

  1. Charlie are you a klutz like me??? I smashed my foot against the wall or the corner of the wall because I had to speedwalk down the hallway (because I can, I guess?). On the second week I smashed that very toe into the stupid coffee table leg. That stupid leg hates me an waits for me. Strange, the toe felt better after that but I was mad anyway. The toe is fine now but I bashed it again anyway. I should put some padding around Stupid Coffee Table Leg.

    We have spring here too in BC Canada with isunshine and rain and sunshine etc etc. This afternoon when I went for my stomp there were sunlight and stillness. Absolutely beautiful. And I even didn’t body slam the sidewalk. This time.

    I dunno about that squirrel. We had a whole bouquet of robins in the tree outside the window. And then a huge 3-foot long grey squirrel moved into the next locust tree. The robins left and never came back. Little rodent.

    Be careful. Our inner kiddo gets ahead of us sometimes.

    1. hehe! Yes! I’m a total klutz! I stubbed the toe on the same foot where I twisted my ankle awhile back. Thankfully it healed quickly, but wow… I need to watch where I’m going more! lol It’s been cold here today, but promises to be warmer going forward. We’ll see! And sorry the squirrel scared the robins away! 😃💕

  2. Ack! *Makes the sign to ward off the evil eye* I haven’t stubbed my toe in ages, but now that you’ve mentioned it, I’m sure to do it soon. You sure it wasn’t all that jumping for joy that caused the accident? Probably worth it in that case!

  3. Sweet!! Maybe the squirrel and the hare are engaged in a hopping contest? I’m enjoying seeing some of the beautiful flowering trees in bloom down here right now. Spring is truly a time of renewed energy and hope. You are not a lone toe stubber; can’t even tell you how many toes I’ve cracked or broken over the years walking into stationary objects while watching birds, clouds or just daydreaming while walking through a room. I have friends who call me Mary ‘Grace” and Grace is not my middle name. 🙂

    1. Thanks so much, Mary! 😃💕 I love the idea of hopping contest! hehe So glad to know I’m not a lone toe-stubber… I felt like such a klutz. But, I love that… Mary Grace… you and I have much in common!

  4. Charlie, I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your Sketchbook Revival presentation. I haven’t had time to watch very many of them, but I made sure to look at yours. I’m so glad you have turned your love of creativity into such a success story! I remember when we were all just bumbling along trying to do a little art every day…seems like yesterday. Congratulations! (K)

    1. Aww thanks so much, Kerfe! 😃💕 I’m so happy you enjoyed my session! But, I’m still just bumbling along and trying to do a little each day! hehe… and it’s still super fun to DO! lol Doing it has made a lot of things happen along the way, which is super cool, but I’m still that same kid excited and inspired to try every new thing. Thank you so much! You’ve been there from the very beginning cheering me on and I can’t thank you enough, my friend!! ❤️

  5. Delightful. I love Spring and I loved seeing you in Sketchbook Revival. I will post my watercolor burst imagination thingy on Doodlewash to share with everyone :). I haven’t had a chance to check and see if one can post at Doodlewashed.

    1. Thanks so much, Zoie! 😃💕 So happy you enjoyed my Sketchbook Revival session. And yes! Definitely log in and post on Doodlewash! I love the term “imagination thingy” … LOL… perfect! We should all take time to make more of those! 😉

  6. Another reason why we’re friends, Charlie. I always find bruises on my arms, knees, hip and wonder what happened. I just found one on my inner wrist. Still haven’t figured that one out. Story of my life! 😂😂 I’m sure that squirrels have animal friends. If they watch us humans, I’m sure they watch other animals. 😀 Super cute painting and I am glad to hear that Spring has finally arrived. We have been in the high 80’s all week and, from the looks of it, from here on out. We will be in full Summer very soon.
    Have a great week, Charlie! We ate at Good Time Charlie’s the other evening. We sat outside under the Mountain Laurels. They look like Wisteria blooms, but have white accents. They smell like bubble gum. The honey bees love them, too. And a crow pooped on my shoulder! haha It was still a nice evening. Hugs, my friend! 💜💜💜

    1. Thanks so much, Marisela! 😃💕 hehe.. glad to know I’m in good klutzy company! lol And I do think that animals are fascinated with each other, just like we are. And I love that you eat at Good Time Charlie’s… if I’m ever in that area again, I’ll definitely have to have a visit! Sounds lovely… minus the crow poop, of course! Big hugs!

    1. Indeed! 😃💕 I think the squirrel would be super impressed. And ugh… same weather here… they predicted snow today here too, which didn’t come, but it was so cold. Tomorrow and moving forward is promising warmer weather.. I hope so! I’m ready!

  7. Oddly enough I just sent my hubby the emoji where three rabbits are walking and jostling into one another and one falls over! That’s what it looks like when we go for walks with our niece. It’s like a set up for a joke, “How many artists can walk on a sidewalk at the same time?” While looking at people, plants, insects, puppies, and surf, the answer is “0”! 😆🤣😲 Caught your session on the Sketchbook Revival, it was sooo nice to see your face (the boy never ages! You need to dish on that skin!) And as always, it was so nice to be encouraged to be a kid, especially in our art! Hope the new book is on Amazon!

  8. Hello Charlie!!!!

    The painting is so cute. 🙂 I love the squirrel’s expression. She (I think it’s a she), seems to be looking at the hare with fond admiration. I am back in the jungle and in Central India, it’s the season of the Mahua tree flowering. The flowers are very fragrant and edible. They taste sweet so everywhere I look, I see monkeys feasting on the flowers and spotted deer nibbling on fallen buds. It’s a very friendly sight. And you aren’t alone at stubbing your toes or walking into walls. I walked right into a tree this afternoon and got stung by a bee as punishment. 🙁 But Im okay. I hope to be able to send you a nice pic soon.


    1. Thanks so much, Mugdha! 😃💕 And I hope you have a wonderful time in the jungle. Minus the stubbed toes and bee stings, of course. But, I do have to admit that it makes me feel good to know I’m not alone there. And very happy to know you’re okay, my friend. Definitely send pics soon!! I can’t wait! Much love! ❤️

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