For our prompt of “Duckling” today, I didn’t have a lot of time to sketch so I made this super quick little doodle of one. It’s been a lovely spring day here today and Philippe and I got out to walk around a bit, which was very nice indeed. These days we’re both working from home and isolating, so it was wonderful to get outside and experience nature for a moment. Our dog Phineas came along, of course, and was thrilled for the warmer weather. He’s entirely in charge of the walks and will demand that we go in a certain direction, often stopping entirely and giving us the side eye when we attempt to go somewhere he wasn’t wanting to go next. In truth, we had trouble even getting him off the couch as he was sprawled out and quite content. But, once revived, he was ready to explore the world and we all ended up going for a long walk indeed. It was lovely!

As we were walking, things were still a bit surreal. There were very few people outdoors for such a lovely day. And, if we were about to pass someone else walking their dog, they’d move to the other side of the street. But, we’d still smile and say hello as though the world hadn’t suddenly changed completely. Yet, I was determined to enjoy this beautiful day and enjoy one of my favorite times of year. I can’t fix the world or make all of the bad go away. What I can DO is continue to stay positive and enjoy the world as I can these days. So, we took a long and lovely walk to enjoy the perfect weather. There’s little bits of color popping up and blossoms beginning to appear on trees. This is such a unique moment in the year and it only last for a short while. It’s the moment just before everything turns green. That wondrous moment when a white or pink blossom on a tree appears to say hello before turning into a burst of lovely leaves.

Though I still have to admit to being super distracted. Writing these posts has proved uniquely challenging in that I can’t seem to focus on them all at once. This isn’t particularly new, as you all know these are simply rambles that I type as I go. But lately, each paragraph is separated by several minutes. In these moments, I’m just jumping back into my current life. It’s one where Philippe and I have been taking each moment as it comes. And, in truth, it’s been quite beautiful. We’ve spent evenings watching movies. I’m currently sharing movies that I’ve loved from years ago that he’s never seen. He’s quite the critic and it’s fun to hear what he thinks of each one. Sometimes, they hold up and he agrees they’re wonderful, but other times, it’s not quite as good. One thing is certain, no matter what, it’s been a totally fun adventure! No matter what might be happening in the world today, I’m happy knowing I’m just where I want to be. Enjoying exceptional moments with the one I love while we experience a very happy spring!

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28 thoughts on “Happy Spring

  1. Love what you said “No matter what might be happening in the world today, I’m happy knowing I’m just where I want to be. Enjoying exceptional moments with the one I love while we experience a very happy spring!”
    Life is good! Thank you 💕

  2. Another cute chick! We went out for a walk today, too. We live in the hills, and everything is very green – a fleeting moment in So Cal. It was a beautiful day, cool and sunny. Trying to enjoy what we can!

  3. We don’t realize how much of a routine we have, and how much we rely on it to help us focus and get things done, until it is disrupted in some way. We’re usually quick to set up another but it takes time before we settle into it entirely.

  4. Please please please, show him Jaws! It’s my all time favorite movie. Man verses nature, one of the big seven conflicts that every movie, every story follows. I was an English major in college and I knew my 7 types of conflict cold! These days I only remember three or four, then have to look up the rest. Lol!

    It’s still pretty cold here. No ducklings yet. But there are some mating rituals going on, so it won’t be long now.

  5. Vous ne devriez pas sortir, en tout cas si vous promenez le chien, ne rencontrer personne, que de très loin, et bien vous laver les mains, en rentrant, et portez un masque ou une écharpe sur vôtre nez, bouche, vous, vous portez des lunettes, j’espère aussi dehors, et Philippe ? car les yeux aussi sont une porte ouverte au virus – bonne journée ! Cathy de France, l’ïle de France et le nord de la France sont à leur tour touchés, après le grand est

  6. Darling! As hard as I try to take a break from this chaos, it is difficult. I’ve gotten a lot of little projects done around the house and continue to add to my list. That has been a wonderful result. I think I will start a list for painting/crafting projects! Lists seem to help keep me focused. I’ve never liked lists because that always I meant I “had” to do things. 😉 Tam LaPorte sent out an email this morning. She suggests “Focus on what you can change now and not on what you can’t.” Wise words.

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