For our prompt of “Stocking” today, I made a little sketch of one after it was just filled by Santa Claus. I remember being a kid at this time of year, with only a couple of days left in the countdown to Christmas. I was so excited that I could barely contain myself. And now, though I’m sure it can’t possibly compare to that feeling back then, I think it’s still rather close. I’ve got this rumbling feeling of anticipation and I’m excited for all of the days ahead. Since I still put quite a few toys on my wish list, I’m hoping that Santa decides to bring me a few of them this year. One of my favorite things about the holiday break when I was little was that I got to really focus on the wonderful toys I received. Indeed, even waking up the day after Christmas, I was excited to play with all of the new things I’d gotten or simply just give that teddy bear my mother made for me an extra big hug.

I was thinking of maybe wrapping another of the little gifts I’ve gotten for Philippe, but I keep getting distracted. We open almost all of our gifts tomorrow evening on Christmas Eve. Then there’s a few more that arrive for the stockings in the morning on Christmas. Each year, there’s a bit of a debate as to which gifts go in the stocking. Most all of the gifts are little inexpensive things that one might just call a stocking stuffer and can even be just a touch ridiculous. In the end, it’s just a matter of which surprises to reveal when. I’m still orchestrating the exact reveal of his gifts tomorrow evening in my head. It’s usually just the first and last gift that stay the same and then I just figure it all out as we go along. The biggest problem we face is trying to stay up just a bit later to keep the evening going. We’re normally in bed by nine, but tomorrow we’ll try to push that past ten o’clock.

This afternoon, I was watching holiday movies and sort of randomly selecting them as I went along since we’ve already watched most all of our favorites. Philippe still had to work, but did watch Home Alone with me at lunch. It’s actually been a couple of years since I’ve seen it and it’s still just as wonderful as I remember. Then I watched Gremlins on my own as Philippe doesn’t like that one because he said it was too creepy. It was a bit, I guess, but it’s also really fun! Truly, I think that most of our favorite movies are still from the last century. Perhaps it’s all of the nostalgia they bring, or indeed, perhaps they were all just a bit better crafted than what arrives today. Either way, it’s been a super fabulous day and I can’t wait until tomorrow when Philippe and I finally begin to reveal all of those happy surprises!

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16 thoughts on “Happy Surprises

  1. Charlie yes we were allowed to take our stocking to bed with us and get into it. That way the grownups could get another 15 minutes of sleep. As if. I think we each used one of Dad’s work socks. I forget what was in those but they included a mandarin orange. As for gifts, the one with the embroidery hoops didn’t work for my poor mother who tried so hard to get me to be a proper young lady. When I asked for a cap gun I actually got it. Did you ever hear of those? They even had sulfur so it would smell like gunpowder when you clicked the hammer against a red tape. Awesome. Cowgirl heroine!

  2. Wonderfully festive stocking Charlie. We picked up Toutière pie and gretons so Denis is looking forward to dinner. I will not eat the gretons and am not fond of meat pie but it isn’t the Christmas season for him without these. Enjoy your evening!

  3. I think part of the reasons newer movies don’t seem as good is because we’re looking at them through older-colored glasses. We’re no longer the real target audience so we don’t quite get all the nuances. Plus, as you say, nostalgie adds spice to the movies we remember. Gremlins, yeah!

  4. So exciting, Charlie! Enjoy your wonderful evening and may the excitement of tomorrow night exceed your expectations. 🎄🎅⛄ If I don’t speak with you tomorrow, Feliz Navidad, Charlie! A warm hug to you! I will be stuffing my face with tamales! haha haha 😂 I will eat one or two or three for you. 😁😁 Our cold front just arrived. We will be cool for a couple of days, but we’ll be in the mid-70’s by the weekend. I hope you get your snow ❄❄❄.
    Merry Christmas and a beautiful New Year, Charlie! Much love to you and your little family! 💜

      1. My mother said that you live too far away or you could come eat with us! 💜 Not to rub it in, but they were delish! Maybe next year you can come eat with us. 🎄🎅⛄

  5. So darling! That little bear!! I haven’t sketched a stocking this year. You know, we don’t have a fireplace. Therefore we have a special key we leave out for Santa to get in with. 😉 My son never questioned it or the fact that we never put the key outside for him to get in with. Ahhh, the magic of Christmas!

  6. Happy Christmas Eve! The days are getting longer! Joe and I started watching our Xmas binge show tonight. Season 4 of Fargo. Not very merry I realize, but we both like the black humor of the show. The Grinch won’t be on TV until Xmas night, so I need to plan my cooking around that. Joe picked up our groceries today, so we have snacks back in the house. We were even out of milk, so it’ll be nice to get back to my cocoa habit. Have a wonderful evening!

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