Today, I’m excited to announce that these are not the fantasy desserts I normally sketch, but the actual thing! I was off work today and Philippe came home at lunch. While we were out walking our dog Phineas, I asked him if wanted to stop by our neighborhood bakery for a treat. Philippe, of course, not Phineas. The dog would always agree with me. Philippe just glanced at me and smiled slightly, which I took as an absolute “yes!” and, before he could stop me, ducked inside to grab a couple little pies. Well, these a fresh loaf of country bread and a slice of almond cake. Seriously, I cannot be sent alone into a bakery. After he went back to work, I grabbed 3 colors and quickly sketched the little pies you see here. Then put them back in the fridge before they wilted, and was proud of myself for not sticking my finger in one to taste it yet. On the left we have my choice, a coconut cream concoction and to the right is Philippe’s chocolate brownie decadence. As you’ll note, mine is the one with the most whipped cream. This should be no surprise at all to those who know me.

Actually, coconut cream pie was a pie that my mother made quite often when I was growing up. Well, not often enough of course, but enough to be memorable. It was my absolute favorite and I would request it on a regular basis. Usually, I would get my treat after some sort of accomplishment. Like a great grade on a paper or as I got older, getting a part in the school play. I figured after I hit 1,000 watercolor sketches in yesterday’s post, I certainly deserved some! (And thanks to everyone for the lovely comments on that post. I’ll be replying personally to them all very soon!). Okay, I don’t know if deserve is the right thing, but, I’m still going to use my childhood logic to claim my prize and finally get that darn dessert I’ve been craving for weeks! It occurs to me, that it might not be as good as the one my mom made. Or, at least, not as good as the memory that I have of that pie. But it’s tough for anything to truly live up to a memory. They always taste a little sweeter, having had years to grow in flavor. No matter what, it will bring me back to those wonderful days of childhood and I’m excited to have some later. I’ve no idea yet if we’re meant to share them, but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

Before we get to the pie, there’s also a bottle of champagne chilling in the fridge. This will make it a proper adult celebration as well. See? I can even apply my childish logic to adult things too! It will be a lovely way to end the week and I’m excited for the weekend ahead. We don’t have any major plans, since our families don’t live close by, but we’ll be doing something enjoyable for sure. I hope everyone out there has a wonderful weekend filled with all the things and people you enjoy most! Life can get stressful and busy and so many things that aren’t very much fun at all. When that happens, it’s always good to turn to the little things that make you smile. Which is pretty much all the time, really, so I think that those things are really the centerpiece of life itself. Perhaps that’s why I love to sketch them most. I can’t imagine what life would be like if it weren’t for all these happy treats.

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39 thoughts on “Happy Treats

  1. Lovely little pies and memories. Enjoy the pies! My mom made to die for pies…afraid I didn’t inherit that gene though I do bake every week….just never pies. Hmmm… pie would taste good.

  2. Mmmm! Those pies look sooooo good. Now I want one – but I already had my cheat earlier this week, so I’ll be good. That means you have to enjoy yours all the more for those of us that can’t, lol. Have a great evening!

  3. You are like a little kid when it comes to your sweet treats, and it makes me smile! Of course you deserve a treat, especially considering those 1000 watercolor sketches. Good for you, and enjoy!

  4. Mmmm coconut cream! I’ve been inspired, I think I’ll make a dessert this weekend. Since I have pecans in the freezer, I’m pretty sure they will be involved. Happy weekend!

  5. ” it’s tough for anything to truly live up to a memory. ”
    the wisdom of the ages in those words.

    O! how I want to sample both of those pies AND the almond cake!

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