Craving something sweet after the salty popcorn, you make your choice as a trap door opens and you suddenly disappear. Well, actually you find yourself spinning down a slide into a room filled entirely with Christmas candy! You get your bearings and realize you managed to grab some ribbon candy on the descent. Sweet! Then that voice pipes back into your ear again.

“So, I’m heading back to Kansas City today, but managed to make a quick doodlewash before heading to the airport. And by the way, ribbon candy is super hard to paint! I almost wish you would have picked the tricycle. But it was good to try something different so thanks for the challenge!

“I’m writing this on a tiny commuter airplane that’s experiencing turbulence while the woman behind me is sneezing without covering her mouth. I could actually hear the spray hit my seat. While the first one could have been a surprise to her, by the third you’d think she’d collect herself and show a bit of decorum. But instead, she just keeps flinging her snot like an infant in a car seat.

“This is the primary reason I hate travel. Being trapped in small quarters with people who have yet to evolve. It’s not always awful. It’s entirely possible to meet a delightful little old lady who shows you photos of her cats. But it’s much more likely you’ll be crushed by a grotesquely fat man who traps smells and should have been forced to purchase two seats!

“Oh dear, that has nothing to do with candy. Did I mention travel makes me cranky? We never really had much candy at Christmas in my family except for decoration. I did rather like the Dolly Parton song Hard Candy Christmas when I was young though. Yeah, I’ve got nothing. I’m honestly blocked with no story coming to mind (and the woman behind me sounds like she’s starting again! Ugh!), but feel free to tell yours! Just don’t forgot to answer the question first!”

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38 thoughts on “Hard Candy Christmas

  1. Your doodlewash looks SWEET, Charlie! :-))) Your description of the sneezing lady behind you cracks me up! But I know it really isn’t that funny to be in your situation… The only candy story I can think of is how someone would give my family a box of chocolates when I was a kid. The chocolates weren’t labeled so my mom would stick her “clean” finger in them to pick out her favorites. It was kind of funny to open the lid and see chocolates that had finger holes in them. Lol! 🙂

  2. Charlie, you have captured the shiny look of the hard candy beautifully. I remember the the milk glass bowls my mom had filled with the same candy.
    Travel can be annoying, but thanks for writing your very funny narrative.

  3. Bravo!!! I know it was a rather difficult thing to doodlewash…..but knew you could conquer the rask….THANK YOU TONS :)….Just be thankful her teeth have not flown over your seat and into your lap 😉

  4. Nicely done ribbon candy! My grandmother always had dishes of this as well as other the hard candies with the filling, at her house during the holidays. I tried one once and spit it out (I…8 so it was sort of acceptable). As far as I know,or saw, I was the only one who ever ate any of it so I’m pretty sure she just packed it all up in a bag at the end of the season and put it back out the next year. Kind of like fruit cake.
    Hope you arrive home germ free!

  5. oh goodness – always an adventure with you Charlie O! 🙂 Glad you are home safe and sound and hope those germs escape you. Beautiful doodlewash of ribbon candy! Sweet dreams back by at home sweet home! xo

  6. These look very realistic to me, Charlie. But never mind being hard to paint – aren’t they hard to eat? They look like they’d be really uncomfortable in the mouth… 😳

  7. Here I am trying to loose a few pounds before the madness that is Christmas and all you keep doing is posting tempting Doodlewashes of food 😄 Glad to hear that you’re home safe and sound and hope that you managed to avoid any germs on the plane!

    1. Hehe….sorry about all the food, but it turns out I rather like painting it! I’m hoping to not get too many extra pounds heading into the new year, but Philippe has lots of wonderful things on the menu for Christmas!! And so far so good on the travel…still germ free!

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