For our prompt of “Poppy” today, I first thought of that poppy field from The Wizard of Oz, but then ended up with a couple of hares relaxing in one. With everything that’s happening in the world, moments like these are more precious than ever. It’s been a really long time since I’ve had the time to just sit still and relax. Taking a little extra time today to paint was a rare treat indeed. While I do find painting a very relaxing hobby, I have to admit that after I’d sketched my bunnies, I was a little fearful of putting them into a scene without messing things up. I wanting more of a dreamy look for today, which isn’t something I’m well-practiced at doing. Watercolor is fabulous, but as we all know, it has a mind of its own. Yet, I’m committed to trying new things this month and practicing new skills. And, I have to say, it was really fun to see a location slowly manifest itself, like waiting for a polaroid picture to develop.

While I’m typing this, my dog Phineas is curled up in a ball next to me and snoring. I’m convinced that I don’t actually know how to relax properly and he’s got it all figured out. He just seems so incredibly content and not at all bothered by something he’s forgotten to do or has to get completed next. Indeed, that’s a dog’s life for you, but it’s a great reminder to occasionally let my mind drift away a bit, and think of nothing much at all. Or at least take a moment to lay in the grass and stare into the clouds and find all of the hidden shapes and characters there. There’s probably bunnies there as well as they are just everywhere this season. I spotted three of them playing outside my window today and it was really fun to watch. I couldn’t quite figure out the rules of the game, but they didn’t invite me to join, so I didn’t have to embarrass myself by trying to play along.

Philippe has been upstairs working all day while I’ve been working downstairs. This is our new normal and it’s been working out just fine. We meet up at mealtimes, but otherwise just do our own thing. He sings while he works and I can hear him faintly in the background. It’s rather comforting, really, and nice change from listening to Phineas as he snores. Though, yes, hearing those little, and sometimes not so little snores, is always a great comfort as well. All of this will change shortly when Phineas bursts to life again and suddenly demands his dinner. The transformation is practically instant and almost startling. Life certainly isn’t the same as it once was, but it’s still quite lovely, and the things I love most haven’t changed at all. Yet, I often feel I’m still learning to truly appreciate these quieter moments, always reminding myself to steal a little extra time to pause and enjoy life, like hares in a poppy field.

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34 thoughts on “Hares In A Poppy Field

  1. I’m loving the softness of today’s style. It still has that Charlie O’Shields touch but seems more relaxed. I think that’s what you were going for, and if so, you succeeded! If not, you still succeeded in creating something beautiful!

  2. I immediately thought of the Wizard of Oz also and could hear the wicked witch saying, “Poppies…poppies.” 😊 This virus has definitely changed our lives and has helped us see what really is important. Well, for most of us. For me, being so seriously injured and for so long, my world view had already changed. Facing a life-threatening injury that came out of nowhere and the following brutal pain, taught me how quickly life can change. Life is so fragile. You realize quickly that cell phones, computers, material things don’t compare to what’s really important. I used to sit and watch Monster sleep and listen to him snore. He looked like a baby. I couldn’t imagine not having him in my life. I am so glad that I did. Those memories mean so much to me now. Of course, if he slightly opened his eyes and saw me watching him, he would growl. Grouch!

    1. Aww Monster does sound like a grouch! But a wonderful one! 😃💕 So true… life can change in a heartbeat, we never know what will happen next. It’s always best to cherish and enjoy the most important things each and every day!

  3. It’s my favorite so far. I’m kind of obsessed with rabbits. We raised them when I was a young teen. We had a giant white one when I was a gradeschooler. I’ve written poems about them, painted them and I used to walk with a cane which was topped with a wooden rabbit head. Plus I love the moon rabbit.

  4. This is quite lovely! Yes indeed, peaceful. Something we could all use right now. I enjoy the days that I am home by myself. I can get lost in my own little world some days.

  5. Hello Charlie,

    I love the hares and the poppies blowing in the breeze! It’s a very relaxing scene indeed. I also love that you like lying in the grass and looking for shapes in the clouds. Cloud bunnies definitely exist but my favorite bunny is the one I see in the full moon. My Mom used to tell me it got there when it was chasing a balloon and ran into space while running up a tall mountain. He still stays there because he hasn’t yet got his balloon back. 🙂 I believed her back then – and still believe it!


  6. To live in the moment are one of the things we can learn from animals. Excist here and now without thinking about past or future. Beautiful hares, it`s tempting to reach out and try to touch them, but I guess they would run away then…

  7. I didn’t get the allusion when I was a kid and first read The Wizard of Oz, that Baum wrote about the powerful poppy plant and its ability to narcotize. Then I went to college and found out a few things. Your bunnies in the poppy field seem to be having fun so we’ll assume they’re only 9 years old and reading The Wizard of Oz for the first time.

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