For our prompt of “Beachball” today, after making a light sketch of just the ball, I decided to try something a little different. So, I skipped the doodle with my precious fountain pen and used only watercolor for this one. It was fun to play and try something that I don’t normally do. Even though it was still my usual super quick sketch. And, as ever, it’s always nice to at least imagine what it might be like to be on the beach again. As a kid my only interaction with beachballs didn’t involve a beach at all, but instead, they were just flung about while visiting a friend’s pool. Beyond being quite colorful, I love the way beachballs soar through the air. It’s almost a bit too slow, which makes it feel like the ball magically is floating on air. It’s been years since I’ve batted around a beachball, but it was fun to bat one around virtually in splashes of watercolor.

Since I’m always short on time, I tend to always grab for the same supplies and proceed doing things in a rather routine fashion. But, time isn’t really the culprit as it’s more that I tend to do things I’m most comfortable doing. This actually applies to much more than watercolor. It’s equally true in my daily life. While I do take chances occasionally, I tend to always slide right back into my comfort zone. It’s that safe place where there’s very little risk of failure. Though it’s quite cozy there, I have to always remind myself to try new things and take a few risks sometimes. Well, it’s less about risk-taking and more about just remembering to let that inner child out to play and have some fun. Little kids tend to focus on the reward of playing at something new and sort of ignore silly concepts like risk. I like to apply that thinking whenever possible to free myself and get outside of that precious comfort zone.

Today, though there are no beaches where I am, the temperatures were hot enough that a beach would have been appreciated. It was sunny and beautiful, but just a bit too warm for my tastes. Philippe and our dog Phineas love the heat and so this is really their time of year. Phineas is back to standing at the door waiting to be let outside constantly so he can bask in the sun. That’s pretty much what he did all afternoon today. I had to envy him as he looked quite content there. My ideal spot would be under an umbrella while sitting on the beach, reading a book, with a nice cold drink nearby. Though the colorful beach cocktails are fun to paint, I prefer something much simpler like an ice cold beer. Even though I never really drink beer unless I’m sitting on a beach. Neither of those things will be happening today, unfortunately, but that doesn’t stop me from having fun. Life is whatever we choose to make it, and so I choose to live it while having a ball.

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28 thoughts on “Having A Ball

  1. Yay for doing something a little different! I immediately saw that there was a difference but it took me a moment to realize what it was. I try to do a painting without the pen drawing on a regular basis, but I like drawing so always end up going back to it.

  2. I would have loved a beach today too! It was hot and the annual visit of gnats started yesterday. I hate those things. They bite like crazy and I swell up like a balloon, especially on my face. I have a hat with netting, but I could use a whole net body suit. Unfortunately it’s too hot to wear anything like that, so I don’t stay out too long. The only good thing is they only last a couple of weeks.

  3. Bonjour de France, ainsi si la traduction est bonne, vos autres dessins habituels, ne sont pas fait aux pinceaux ? moi je ne fais mes aquarelles qu’au pinceau, comme les petits enfants – ici, aussi dans le nord de la France, et même à Paris, pour Philippe, très grosse chaleur – 26° en ville – nuits chaudes aussi – aujourd’hui, ce jeudi 4 mai 2020 çà change, enfin un peu de pluie devrait arriver, car nous sommes en alerte canicule, pour les champs et les réserves – mais çà va donner trop d’un seul coup, avec de gros orages – donc ce n’est pas bien pour les cultures, les arbres fruitiers, les potagers, les vignes, il y a un risque de grêle – me voici à parler de météo avec vous – ici, en France, L’Amérique arrive jusqu’à nous – c’est assez rare – des policiers qui mettent un genou à terre – des couvres feux – et voici, qu’en France, ils font de même – manifestent, pour un jeune homme noir décédé, lui aussi, à cause d’un policier – bien que le procès dit le contraire – pourquoi les êtres humains, sont ils si en colère, tout le temps – et s’apportent eux mêmes des malheurs – au lieu de s’entraider, de se soutenir, nous ne sommes même pas sortis du virus… Cordialement – Cathy triste aujourd’hui – vôtre ballon n’a pas suffit

    1. Thanks, Cathy! I always paint with a brush, but I usually always start with an ink drawing first. This one had no ink. Yes, these are indeed troubling times. I wish everyone could live in peace and unity. 💕

  4. Love the painting! It gives me inspiration to paint! My art skills are getting better daily and I hope for more great art in the future. Keep up the great work!

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