Today we had a prompt of frogs, so I chose one hiding in a lotus flower. I’ve no idea why, but I think frogs are kind of cute. As a kid, I would be dazzled by the sight of them and want to follow them as they hopped about on their little journey. Sure, they lack the furry cuteness of squirrels, but even while sitting there almost looking bored, there’s some odd sense of wisdom. Like frogs know more than we think. I’m sure this was just a trick of my childhood mind and still a trick of my childish adult mind, but I like thinking about frogs in this way. Chasing after them when I was little, I hoped they would bring me to some secret place that I’d never before found. And, like most things in my childhood, the fact that it never happened never stopped me from the pursuit. In truth, that’s very much the same today. I continue to chase every little dream that comes into my crazy head. One of those dreams was my latest book, and a huge thanks to everyone who’s purchased a copy! Love you so much! By the way, I’ve no idea why, but Amazon decided to offer it for a very nice discount as I’m typing this and I don’t know for how long, so if it’s in your Wish List, now would definitely be the time to get one!  There’s even a couple of frogs in it!

This week has been a rather amazing one. I appeared in my first-ever video appearance on Wednesday for the Sketchbook Revival Free Online Workshop. As a shy guy, video has always been my nemesis. Something that has always sort of terrified me. I don’t really have anything to hide, but I’ve always liked that people connected with my art and my written words without even seeing me move about. I was actually worried that if I showed up in person, people would think, “this is the guy who said all of those smart things? He really is just a big kid!” Well, this week I learned that people actually did think that, but enjoyed me anyway, exactly for who I am. I also learned my new blue glasses are very popular, so thanks so much to my father-in-law, who’s no longer with us now, since they were his (we’re a hit, papa!)! This has been one amazing art journey. One that continues to reveal more and more each day. When I started out, I didn’t know what I wanted to be when I grew up when it came to art. Was I meant to become a watercolor painter like so many of all of the fabulous artists I feature on this site? Who knows, really, maybe one day! But today, I’m having the time of my life making little coloring book pages and coloring with watercolor each and every day!

What I love is that I’m constantly reclaiming that feeling of when I very first started playing with watercolor. It’s just the coolest medium ever! There’s so many things that you can DO with it, and it’s kept me perfectly enamored for almost 4 years now. This is a record for me. I have attention deficit issues and my previous record was for my 3 year photoblog, which is now entirely on this site, offered as free reference photos for artists and writers. To me, the best part of an art journey or a life journey of any kind is when you get to learn things about yourself that seem new and incredible. In truth, they’re simply things that all good stories deliver, something surprising, but inevitable. The one thing I’ve learned that surpasses all others is that we can’t escape our own personal style. It’s not something we have to find, it’s something we should simply celebrate in whatever medium we choose to create things. I love to sketch stuff with watercolor and write stories, but whatever it is that your heart tells you to DO, then I say listen! We’re each so beautifully unique and the world would be a horribly mundane place indeed if we only followed what other people are doing. DO you! You’re amazing and your ideas are exactly what we all want to see next! Life is at its most beautiful when it’s filled with those most amazing hidden surprises.

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About the Doodlewash

Da Vinci Paint Co.: Aureolin, Opus (Vivid Pink), Leaf Green, Cobalt Blue, and Terra Cotta. Micron Pen in an A5 Hahnemühle Watercolour Book. Want to purchase a print of this doodlewash? Send me a note with a link to this post, and I’ll add it to my shop!
Day 27 - Frog Lotus Flower Illustration - Doodlewash

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23 thoughts on “Hidden Surprises

  1. It’s inspiring to see how much you’ve done. I tend to be a procrastinator. If I don’t do something immediately, then I keep putting it off. Since I can’t do it ALL at once, I always have several things that I’m giving the stink eye, and wondering what I can do instead. Your successes help keep my nose to grindstone so I can accomplish the things I want to do!

    1. That’s awesome to hear you’re inspired to DO, Sandra! Yay! 😃💕DO it! DO it! I am a terrible procrastinator, so my real trick is to force a deadline. I agreed to do Sketchbook Revival saying it would be a good way to promote my book. The one I hadn’t even written yet! 😉 lol

  2. Lovely lotus and cute frog, colors are as usual gorgeous! I liked your video too. What i concentrated more was on you spoke, each tip that you told, i could understand.I watched the video 3 times,and maybe i would go back to it if i want like a personal touch with a teacher teaching art in a class.Its to say how nice you showed your effective technique of scribble,doodle,colour,which you have mastered like a founder that you are!Thanks for the free download gifts that you gave too.Looking forward to receive your book soon which i am going to order very soon.Thanks Charlie!! Oh, btw,the blue glasses look great in the video!

    1. Thanks so much, Purnima! 😃💕 So thrilled you enjoyed the video. That makes me so happy to hear! It was just me showing up without a script as usual so I had no idea how it would go. And thanks for ordering my booK! I appreciate it… it was fun to make and I think it turned out really fun to use as well. And glad you liked the glasses… they’re certainly now a part of my new brand I think! People did tend to like them! Yay!

  3. Drawing takes time, and I am sure your sketches took time to make. Sketching is serious business when you write. Smile. Those glass are wonderful, and they make your face scream, “Extrovert.”

      1. I am not either, but I have come out of my shell of shyness. When Dad met Christ, he said his shyness left. So I asked for it to leave. A man of God I met prayed over me and rebuked the Spirit of intimidation that was on me. I didn’t know. He rebuked it, and I have been better. I used to be very intimidated. Smile. Set free. Gradual changes make a difference.

  4. I spent my youth from age 11 to 18 on a farmette tucked in the middle of a swamp on two sides, a grass marsh on one side, and a dry hay field on the 4th. Needless to say, we had frogs squirting out all over. Tadpoles, toads, salamanders, snakes. My own personal amphibian zoo! And I loved it! The frogs were probably my favorite. Whenever one hopped in the grass in front of us, we would go on the chase. I would venture that the final score was frogs ahead with a 93% escape score. If we did catch them, we let them go anyway, but it was fun to try.

  5. Hi , Charlie , the flower and frog are beautiful.
    Me too, i liked the video very much. You are just adorable with the blue glasses 🙂 I thank you for the tips you gave about colouring in doodles. As i am more into repeat pattern art your tips come in handy to colour patterns with watercolours in opposit to painting watercolours. thank you for sharing all your beautiful stuff with us.

    1. Thanks so much! 😃💕 I’m so happy you enjoyed the video! It was my first-ever and shot live so I had no idea how it would turn out. Glad you enjoyed it! And yay! Yeah, my approach would work much better for coloring patterns. I use bits of actual watercolor painting techniques sometimes, but when it comes to coloring, not all of them apply or are even suited for it.

  6. Your sweet little sketch reminded me….. I used to catch pollywogs at my Grandparents cabin when I was younger, frogs were harder. I would keep them in a paper cup for a few days and let them go. Brought such joy! After watching your video, I love you even more and I know if we ever meet, it’s going to be an adventure! I get first dibs on the seat next to you! ;p

    1. Yay to the pollywogs… love that! And so glad you enjoyed the video and sure thing! You can sit next to me! 😃💕I was happy to finally have done a video after all this time, but really had no idea what would come out of my mouth, much like my posts! lol

  7. The frog is so froggy precious, and the lotus blossom is beyond beautiful.
    Just looking at it makes me feel serene,

    but the best of the best, imo, is

    Charlie’s daily wisdom, “The one thing I’ve learned that surpasses all others is that we can’t escape our own personal style. It’s not something we have to find, it’s something we should simply celebrate in whatever medium we choose to create things.”

    That is so very true, not just in creating, but in also in just being.

    Doodlewash is a grand invention. Thank you!

    1. Thanks, June! 😃💕 Mostly for saying I have patience… hehe… I have none! I can’t stand watching paint dry and have created lots of little hacks along the ways. hehe 😊 But perseverance I have in spades! I just keep coming back to try again!

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