For our prompt of “Geometric,” I thought of just about everything at once as this one could apply to so many different things. First, I thought of a geodesic dome because I think they’re rather cool. After that, I got lost for a few minutes looking at A-frame cabins. I totally one one someday. Then, my mind drifted to an emerald, and I imagined what it might be like if a tiny little dragon found one and brought it back to his cave to admire. While the notion seemed rather sweet, I realized afterwards that this story might make this little dragon a thief. Unless, of course, he actually grows emeralds and other precious gems in his magic crystal cave and then delivers them to people who truly need them, changing lives. Stories are so fun because with just a tilt of intent they transform into completely different outcomes. And when the story is simply visual, like this one, it’s entirely up to you to fill in the details. If you have a story to share for this little doodlewash, then please let me know in the comments!

I’ve always wanted to write and illustrate books. This, to me, always felt a bit magical. And what I have to admit while trying to create more illustrative drawings lately, is that it’s quite challenging. But, it’s also really fun! Doing two different art forms at once is a bit like juggling. Sometimes, things go smoothly and other times, one ball drops on the floor. From the beginning, I’ve always been a writer/illustrator even though I never really thought of myself as one. I would just sketch stuff and practice and then ramble on a bit in the accompanying post. But, my goal has always been to write and illustrate books, all by myself. Yeah, that last bit sounds a little like a child talking, but most of you know by now that I think my inner child has all of this already figured out. I’m not telling this story, I’m just living it as he thinks it should happen. Yeah, that’s a way random way to approach life, but it’s worked for me so far. So, I think I’ll just keep DOing it!

Tonight, Philippe and I are watching a show about everyday life while running a zoo. I love seeing all of the animals and that’s why they’re always the characters of my stories. And truly, while one can wish they could all be free and not in a zoo, it’s zoos that are actively conserving animals today. Humans tend to spread out and take over most habitats. What we call “the wild” gets smaller every day. I’ve no idea what this will mean for the future, but I know that I’ll always imagine the brightest outcome. And thankfully, dragons are not on the endangered list. They exist in our lore and imaginations. While I’m quite sure humans don’t really have it all figured out, I hope our animal counterparts can continue to inspire us. There’s a wisdom that comes with instinct. It’s something that’s devoid of agenda and simply represents necessity. I like the idea of that. I think if we could all enjoy a much happier life, if it were simply guided by hidden treasures.

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Tiny Dragon Emerald Crystal Cave Watercolor Painting Illustration Sketchbook Detail

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30 thoughts on “Hidden Treasures

  1. Fantastic Charlie! And I do believe dragons love shiny objects or at least they did in the dragon tails that I read. I still think that one option for a book would be the tales of your dog and all his friends. 😉 You have a fair amount of material in your past daily sketches. Just a thought!

    1. Thanks so much, Karen! 😃💕 Yeah, I’ve thought dragons love shiny objects. And I’m rather sure that Phineas will likely be the star of the story. But, I’m thinking there will be lots of new friends as well.

  2. Charlie, you are a fantastic story teller. You have such a sweet heart. In Spanish, we say “una persona noble; de sentimientos nobles.” Noble is an antiquated word in English , but, in Spanish, it is word used to describe someone special. It is someone with a sweet, kind heart. A tender heart. Tu eres una persona noble, Charlie! 😇😇 Side note: your pocket watch painting reminds me of my father. He had a horrible allergy to metals. Wire-rimmed glasses, watches, belt buckles made his skin erupt so he carried a pocket watch. I now own that pocket watch. 😊 I received my cadmium free watercolors today. Yay! Thank you! It came with no return address so we were a little concerned. Haha When I opened it and saw a plastic pouch, I thought it was seeds from China. You know, the ones making national news. haha haha We laughed when I opened the envelope! Gracias, Charlie!

    1. Hello Charlie,

      Thats a cute dragon and gorgeous crystals! I love your story about dragons growing crystals in their caves to help people. Maybe they help kids.. maybe every different color helps with a different problem – some help to be brave when faced with a bully, some make math easier.. Your inner child will know. I’ve learned the hard way that listening to my inner child always leads to something positive. So yes, please do keep listening to yours.


  3. The bride swung the scepter at the baby dragon. Without the jewel, the prongs made an excellent weapon, if she could only hit the stupid thing. The dragon squawked indignantly, and she squawked in frustration, and there wasn’t much difference in the sound. Neither curses nor pleading convinced it to drop the jewel.
    “Careful, Princess,” the groom cautioned. “You don’t want a dragon’s curse on you!”
    “That’s MY emerald! It’s My scepter and My wedding and no stinking dragon is going to ruin MY wedding!”
    She chased the hatchling around the room, swatting at it ineffectually. One spectacular miss hit the groom instead, laying him flat. After that the wedding participants and guests wisely stayed out of reach and simply enjoyed the show.
    Finally, the Princess connected. The blow wasn’t enough to hurt anything but the dragon’s pride. That was enough – the dragon spat a curse flame at the Princess.
    The curse took hold immediately. Scales erupted over her skin. She sprouted several feet in height, several feet in width, her fingers becoming claws, her face a toothy snout. The tail she grew ended in a spiked ball.
    She laid waste to the kingdom, but was finally brought down and relocated into the wilderness where she could cause no more harm.
    And thus the first bridezilla was created.

  4. Cutie dragon And your story is just so sweet … but for overall tension and drama I award Sandra the Golden Globe! I enjoy you both so much thank you for making this such a fun and creative community( even tho I really hated you a lot Today for forcing me to have a geometry lesson from hubby in order to draw frigging triangles!)!

    1. Thanks so much, Susan! 😃💕 hehe… yeahs Sandra wins the award, lots of drama and tension there indeed. Love it! And so thrilled you’re enjoying the community! Actually, neither Sandra nor I wrote this month’s prompts. So you’ll have to blame Shanyn for the unwanted geometry lesson! 😉 lol

  5. He is just adorable and surely no thief. I think the emerald spent Dragon years buried just outside his door. A heavy rain washed away the dirt and when he woke up and went out for his morning walk the gem sparkled in the sun. Since dragons love sparkles he dragged it home and discovered it is a Magic Emerald………..

  6. What a creative little guy! I love him. I haven’t done any of my DW sketches yet this month, but I still continue to do others. I did one the other day that was a beach, that included a wave. So I guess that counts as one. 😉

    1. Thanks so much! 😃💕 Actually, they all count at doodlewash sketches if it’s a drawing or anything with watercolor! hehe… prompts are totally optional, so if you’re posting, be sure to use the hashtag for the month!

  7. He’s a cute dragon! Kind of a Robin Hood of the cave guy. If that’s his modus operandi he needs a foil to make a story. Who or what doesn’t want him to succeed? An elf, another dragon, a giant? Is there a princess or prince involved? You can go crazy with this set up!

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