For our prompt of “Hidden” today, I thought back to when I was a little kid and used to love playing hide and seek. It was really quite a thrilling game, but also a touch spooky to be hiding in place just wondering if someone might find you. And though you didn’t want to be found, as that’s how to win the game, it was really the only way to know that the game was over. I actually loved being the one searching the most. It was like I was trying to solve a mystery, which made it extra cool. I would dream up whole scenarios in my mind. No longer was I searching for my friends, but I was suddenly on the hunt for a thief who had stolen some precious diamonds. To this day, I’ve loved reading mystery books and trying to solve all of the puzzles the authors have cleverly created. It’s fun to figure everything out just before it gets revealed in the book. It’s like winning a game of some kind, which makes my inner child giggle with glee!

In truth, life in general can feel like a bit of puzzle game at times. But, unlike those mystery books, there’s never one clear solution in the end. Just lots of things to try and things to figure out along the way. There’s a plethora of options and it can feel a bit daunting at times, like I’m constantly on the hunt for what to do next. Each time I think I’ve solved something, I’ll find out that it was only a bit temporary. That solution simply started me down an entirely new path instead. Which, is actually pretty wonderful. Life would be a terrible bore if it were that easy to figure it all out. And it’s fun to keep showing up each day and trying new things while simply enjoying the game along the way. And, even if I don’t play all of those games I adored in my childhood these days, I still like to imagine things and make up little stories in mind.

Philippe and I have been enjoying a lazy day today. The kind that comes with no requirements of any kind and no deadlines. It’s a rare and wonderful way to spend an entire day. We’ve actually been doing our own things separately. I’ve been sketching and watching Disney movies from the 60’s while he’s been upstairs modeling things in 3D on the computer. Our dog Phineas has spent most of the day laying outside, so for full relaxation, he probably wins. Tonight, we’ll all meet up for dinner and movie of some kind. Though we’re always at home these days, it still feels a bit like date night. I’m always a bit sad when the weekend ends. I always hope for just a few more hours to play and enjoy the things I adore most. But thankfully, I always find a bit of time to sketch. Each time I pick up my fountain pens and brushes, I can almost hear my inner child giggling in the distance. All I need do is find him, and the rest comes easy, as we once again enjoy a little game of hide and seek.

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Dogs Beagle Puppies Playing Hide And Seek Watercolor Painting Illustration Sketchbook Detail

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36 thoughts on “Hide And Seek

  1. Hubby and I have had a quiet day as well. We thought about taking a scenic drive, and probably should have since the weather will be changing before long. But we kept making suggestions and nothing really appealed, so we’ve just kicked back and not done a lot of anything.

  2. The pups are cute, but I’ve got to tell you, that last step is a doozy! I used to like to play kick the can when I was little. I was the oldest kid in the neighborhood, so I often won. The last time I played hide and seek I was an adult and we played in a big mansion my friend had recently bought. Another friend won because we had to call her out when we gave up trying to find her. She was lying across three chairs at a table with a long tablecloth. She was hidden completely by the cloth.

    1. Thanks, Lisa! 😃💕 LOL I know right? I made the last step bigger because when I was trying to find people in the basement… that last step scared the hell of me with anticipation! And oh wow! Hide and seek in a mansion… that sounds like a story indeed! Love your friend’s hiding place… so clever!

  3. Oh, Charlie, you always get me with those beagles. My little boy. 🐕🐕 My aunt calls Sundays “Depression Day” because it means work tomorrow. haha haha Okay, only child talking here. It was very rare for me to play hide and seek, but when I got the chance, it was beyond words FUN. I will be honest. I am 3 weeks away from turning 51 and I would totally go for a game of hide and seek. Just sayin’.
    Thanks for showing Pandas 🐼🐼🐼. So beautiful, Charlie.

    1. Thanks so much, Marisela! 😃💕 Truly… Sundays can get a bit melancholy. I love Saturdays most of all! Glad you liked my pandas… I need to add them back into the newer approach. And I’m going to turn 50 next year and I’ll gladly enjoy a game of hide and seek with you! hehe

  4. Hello Charlie,

    Such cute huggable pups! I love the little staircase too – reminded me of a tiny staircase from long ago. I was an only child then and so I’d play house with my dolls. Our house had a tiny staircase and for me each step was a separate room of the house. Then my sister was born and life became lots of fun. 🙂 Im so glad to know that you spent a very relaxed day. You sure do deserve it. Here’s wishing you a lifetime of relaxed days where you just get to sit and do all the things you love, without having to worry about anything. 🙂


    1. Thanks so much, Mugdha! 😃💕 What a sweet wish! Thank you so much my friend! I was actually an only child in reverse. My brother and sister were 13 and 12 years older than I was. I remember only a brief time when we were in the house together and then it was only me. Would have been nice to have a sibling appear!

  5. What a fun little sketch. Two pups for the price of one! Even though I spent every day at home last week (and will this week do to going to that darn wedding), I still look forward to the weekends. It is like we are given permission to not do anything, more so now than before.

  6. Oddly enough,in this odd bit of time, I have been seeking some hidden treasures in old series (The Saint, Peanuts) and my children’s book collection. I was inspired to art because of that rich history of illustration and literature. I love the backgrounds in “It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.” I’m just old enough for some treasures to be forgotten if I don’t go looking for them! (That doesn’t mean Sundays aren’t still “naptime at Nellies”.)

    1. Aww.. I love that! We should always make a little time for naptime! 😃💕 And yeah, I’m inspired by the same books from childhood. I guess I never grew up… when art becomes “serious” I lose my attention span a bit. hehe

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