It’s been several days now since my last post, so I figured I’d pop in again and say hello with a little sketch of a wee bunny. For those of who might have missed my previous posts, I’m taking a bit of a break from daily posting after reaching my crazy fun goal of 2,000 consecutive days of sketching stuff! The break is also meant to provide me with a bit of focus while I’m working on writing and illustrating a new book. As it turns out, that has involved lots and lots of daily doodles as I try to practice creating characters. I’m humbled by all of the things I still have to learn and excited for the tiny bits of progress that I’m starting to finally see. So, I hope to start revealing some of what’s happening starting next month. Until then, I’ll keep popping up as I can. I hope everyone is having a fabulous, healthy and creative start to this new year! And, as ever, big virtual hugs to you!

As for Philippe and our dog Phineas, it’s amazing how not much at all has really happened over the past couple of weeks. Today’s highlight was that Philippe suddenly became incensed by the light fixture and outlet that were not working properly in the downstairs bathroom. Granted, they’d been on the fritz for several days, but apparently today was the perfect day to tackle them. His diagnosis was that the light fixture itself will require a full replacement, so that failed to occur. But, he did rewire a new electrical outlet. This would have given me a bit of trepidation were it not for the fact that he’s done it once before, so I knew he could do it without getting fried. Indeed, all of the various specialized tools he purchased on the days leading up that first try finally got a chance to get used again. So it was a productive day all around!

I’ve missed you all dearly and so I had to pop in for a bit. I had planned to post at least once a week, but decided to take a longer break instead. I have to admit, I didn’t realize how much I needed a bit of a break until after I took one. From a creativity standpoint, it’s been a really wonderful thing to step back and consider where I’d like to take my art journey next. I’m not at all sure I’ve quite decided yet, but I’m figuring it all out bit by bit. One big thing I’ve realized is that I still lack a proper art desk after all of these years. The edge of the kitchen counter or dining room table are still the only spaces where I can sketch and paint. Philippe was trying to brainstorm options with me, but the only place that would work easily would be the windowless basement. That’s a bit too bleak for my tastes so we’re looking into other clever ideas. Months in quarantine have truly been bleak enough. And, though this year won’t be a better one overnight, I know in my heart that there are promising things to come. There’s not just a light at the end of the tunnel, there’s a shining beacon of hope waiting for anyone who choses to embrace it. I’m going to grab onto that hope with all of my heart, as I continue to celebrate those small things that make all of the difference. As always, in the wonderful company of my husband and basenji dog, as we enjoy our own lovely hideaway.

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30 thoughts on “Hideaway

  1. I spied a rabbit this morning eating spilled bird seed from under my feeders.

    I’ve been doing more with alcohol ink these days than watercolor. I made a cover image for my forthcoming poetry chapbook. My publisher loves it as do I.

    It’s been Covid quiet around here. My biggest thrill lately has been the blossoming of 12 of my amaryllis. The cats don’t chew on the for which I’m grateful. The have been nibbling the leaves of my lemon grass and then throwing up, and that’s disgusting, but Joe cleans it up, so there’s that. Lol!

  2. Sweet rabbit!! Happy to hear that things are going well and look forward to seeing what you’ve been up to. I spent a long, long time working at our kitchen table when we lived in NYS and did finally end up with a studio in our basement up there but the basement had big windows that looked out on the woods so it was wonderful. The usual, run of the mill basement would not be an ideal creative space. Maybe time to look for a house? Glad you are all doing well.

  3. Charlie just use your dining table like I do. If I get company we can go in the living room or move my art stuff over. You don’t need a fancy desk (use the money to hire an electrician, yikes), just a corner of your kitchy. Shelves or cabinet to hold the supplies which reminds me I have to try and find same, get the stuff off the table once in awhile.

    Now that I told you how to live and totally expect you to ignore that, good to hear from you and excited to hear your plans!

    Take care.

  4. So glad to hear from you, Charlie! I’ve missed your daily visits! It’s wonderful that you’re coming along with the book. Since I decided I was going to start over with gouache, I took a break from the book, to mull it over, and intend to start back next month.Sometimes, that results in ideas bursting out of my head. Sometimes not. We’ll see.

    1. Thanks so much, Sandra! 😃💕 Yeah, that’s sounds like a good plan. I’ve honestly just been scribbling characters and not putting too much pressure to jump too far ahead. I need to think it out and practice more! 😉

  5. trop heureuse de vous lire !!!! si vous manquez de place et/ou d’argent il y a des solutions “escamotables”, des tables, bureaux, qui se rabattent le long du mur, et s’ouvrent pour travailler, çà peut se construire, par nous mêmes, et ce n’est pas cher du tout

  6. Hola, Charlie! Gosh, so long since I’ve talked with you! haha haha 😂😂😂 Such a great painting! You made me laugh when you said that Philippe didn’t get fried playing electrician like my dad used to also. He used to get so angry and cussed up a storm. 😀😀😀 I do my crafting on our dining room table and it can definitely be constraining. I totally want my own craft room. You need to find yourself a nice window, where you can see nature. Maybe even a bird feeder just outside to watch birds (and squirrels) eat. I am sure you will find something awesome for your space. Yay, I can’t wait to see your book previews! It’s gonna be awesome, Charlie! You got this!
    Warm hugs, my friend!

    1. Thanks so much, Marisela! 😃💕 Long time no chat! Yeah, my dining room table has been a place I’ve used, but I can’t keep everything out and have to put it all away when we have the house cleaned. Thanks for the encouragement… it’s been humbling to realize just how much I have to practice and learn to make my idea happen! Hugs to you!

  7. Good Morning Charlie! What a sweet little sketch. I miss your little daily posts, however it has given me some extra time to sketch in the morning. Bittersweet. Until next time, enjoy your new journey!

  8. I hope you can figure out a place to sketch. This summer we converted our garage into an art studio for larger pieces but it’s not heated so my husband is back in his office. Now he paints smaller works but his office is quickly becoming a mess. He’s not a neat painter. Lucky me, I have my ‘art studio’ in back of the master bedroom. Not ideal but it works and I’m able to keep the sleeping area and my studio separate. Love your bunny by the way. Are you working on a children’s book?

    1. Thanks so much!! 😃💕 Yeah, I had a desk until quarantine and now it’s Philippe’s workstation. hehe As for the book, it’s like a children’s book, but really for people of all ages, and a touch interactive! 😉

  9. Hello Charlie,

    It’s SO good to see your post and adorable Doodlewash again. 🙂 I’ve missed you tons but am very happy to hear that your dream project is coming along well. And I’m gonna send a wish to a new fairy to help you find the perfect spot for your art desk – in fact, I’ll ask her to get you a whole studio! That’ll be fun and you could collect and hoard all kinds of art supplies. Looking forward to seeing your posts again soon, and hearing some exciting news about your book.

    Love & hugs,

    1. Aww thanks so much, Mugdha! 😃💕 Missed you tons as well! Yeah, that fairy did well on the last thing so that might work! hehe Hoping to have some news to share next month. It’s wild how much I still have to learn to make my idea happen! 😉

  10. Great to hear from you, Charlie. Again, your post makes me realize just how fast time flies. Sounds like you are getting a long needed break, and still being productive. Can’t wait until we see the results! Hope you can solve your lack of an area to paint. I’m sure you guys will come up with a winning plan. 😁 Good luck!👍

    1. Thanks so much, Linda! 😃💕 Yeah, there’s much to do and much to solve, but I’ll figure it all out. I think I thought things would go much faster on my book, but I’m moving along slowly and surely now! hehe

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