Today’s art challenge prompt is backpack, which initially made me think of school, but since our theme is Outdoor Fun, I opted for a more rugged version. That said, I’ve never really hiked with a backpack, preferring instead to just wander down nature trails unencumbered. Of course, this is barely consider hiking by those who travel long distances, but I still find it very enjoyable. As a kid, seeing a glimpse of a new path in the woods would fill me with excitement. I had an uncontrollable urge to follow it just to see where it might lead. A path found in nature, is a place where others, humans or animals, have been before you arrived. Following it reveals what they saw, those beings that traveled there the first several times, creating the path in the first place. For me, it was new so it was always exciting since it was the very first time. But the most wonderful thing in the world can also be to create your very own path. To travel in another direction and blaze a trail by going to those places that others haven’t thought to visit.

I have to admit that I used to do this all of the time as a kid, but as an adult I often find myself proceeding with caution. I tend to second guess my impulses rather than just run with them as I think of them. This may surprise some of you, since I have managed to try some rather unusual and new things with this site. Within my first year of blogging, I founded World Watercolor Month, and in my second year I added full social community features here along with an online store that features work from other artists. For some reason, each year around this time as I head into a new one, I get a bit itchy and want to try new things. Perhaps this is just a side effect of being an artist. It’s not a destination that you ever actually arrive at, but more of a journey that presents new amazing things to try each and every day. And it’s this very journey, finding each and every new awesome trail, that makes is so incredibly rewarding!

I hope if you’re reading this and have a crazy idea that you think you’d like to try next, you’ll consider simply trying it! Throw caution to the wind and simply DO it! I say this because I now fully realize that when you decide to do something a bit differently, amazing things happen. There’s never a comparison to be made. When it comes to trying new things, success is entirely relative and personal since it can’t possibly be directly compared to anyone else at all. As scary as uncharted territory can be, this always makes me crave it. It’s intoxicating to think you can’t be wrong. That’s always the first step in pursuing any new idea. Sure, it may not work out as you expected or be something that’s adopted by others, but how cool is it to think for one blissful moment in life, you’re guaranteed to be right. Or, at the very least, the first one to try something that seems a bit crazy to others. And, though I may not be extreme when it comes to my experiences with nature, I can’t help but promote the very idea of at least attempting the act of hiking down a new path.

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 Day 23 - Hiking Down A New Trail - #doodlewashJune2018 Doodlewash

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22 thoughts on “Hiking Down A New Path

  1. As always you hit it right on the nose.My backpack is loaded to go in case inspiration strikes and shows me a new path. A hike through the forest on a sunny day is good for the soul, but a hike toward new possibilities is necessary for the soul!

  2. I love your philisophical hike on a new path Charlie! Today, I did a literal hike, which is a usual Saturday activity. Today’s was unusual however, as the path required using ropes since it was so steep and rocky. I have never used ropes before, so my friends had to teach me how it was done and encourage me when I got scared. Terrified actually. The reward at the end was not only a beautiful waterfall, but accomplishing something I didn’t think I was capable of, with the help of friends.

    1. Thanks, Julia! 😃💕 And awww that’s an awesome story!! Love it!! It’s totally worth getting out of our comfort zones from time to time and experiencing new things. Sounds like your adventure was totally worth it!

  3. Preach it brother! Just do it! I never regretted my past. Even the stupid things I did made me who I am.

    I carried a backpack around Europe when I was in college. Backpacks leave a lot to be desired in some ways, but they beat the heck out of suitcases when you have to walk long distances carrying them.

    1. Thanks, Lisa! 😃💕 The stupid things we did are where we learn the most! Lol And well… at least come with the best stories! Yeah, backpacks are far better than luggage when hiking around Europe for sure.

  4. Ah that backpack is wonderful, and so full of promise, new adventures. Great post Charlie, we all get a bit more cautious as we get older and sometimes we need to just dive in and try a new path, see where it takes us 😊

  5. “a side effect of being an artist.(…) It’s not a destination that you ever actually arrive at, but more of a journey that presents new amazing things to try each and every day.”

    You have a beautiful mind, Charlie.

  6. Love your backpack ! And my most recent craziest idea I followed was to engage in the June Art Challenge!
    Even if my sketches are very primitive it has been, and still is a great fun. First time I enter such a challenge, first time I find time every day to sketch, draw, try to do something about the daily prompt. Great funny instructive experience, thanks Charlie 🙂
    PS: now back to the table, my a backpack is waiting an idea…

    1. Thanks, Robert! 😃💕 And that’s awesome you joined the June challenge! Love that you’ve made time each day to sketch and draw. It’s fun isn’t it?? hehe And it’s really not as tough to do it as it seems once you start. (P.S., you should share some on Doodlewash… I’d love to see them! 😉

      1. Thanks Charlie for your words, I post one of my sketches in my activities yesterday, not sure how to direct you there!
        Maybe at the end of the month I’ll make an album out of them…still learning how to use this site and not only looking at it :-.)

        1. Oh, I just found it! Lovely! When I click your name in the link, there’s nothing under your Artwork tab in your profile. If you use the little +paintbrush icon at the top right when you make a post it will also go to the group gallery. 😉

  7. Our mutual friend, Ellen, reminded me to read this post again, and I’m so glad I did. I am trying so many new things in art these days. Thoroughly enjoying them – but a bit “shy” or hesitant to share many of my “disasters.” I “art”ed four things on Saturday. How many will I share? Not sure. Not sure they are even art – but oh what fun they were. What relaxing freedom they provided….. Thanks for the encouragement Charlie O!

    1. Aww thanks, Jodi! 😃💕 I’m so happy this post provided encouragement. I’ve totally given up on trying to figure out if anything I make is art. Instead, I just assume it isn’t, so then I don’t worry about sharing it! 😉 But truthfully, yes, it’s all “art” when we “art” … Some of it is amazing and some was just fun for us to do, but all of it is worthy and beautiful!

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