For our prompt of “Sleigh Bells” today, the first thing that happened was that the first few lyrics to Winter Wonderland popped into my brain. And so, I started singing that while sketching. I feel like Christmas is just coming up too quickly now and I don’t want it to end so soon.  I ended up sketching a little mouse holding on to that holiday spirit in the form of a festive sleigh bell for my doodle today. Each year, it’s always like this as Philippe and I happily count down the days until Christmas Eve. It all goes nice and slowly at first and thing suddenly the big day seems to arrive quite suddenly. Way too soon sometimes as I’m always frantically wrapping gifts at the very last moment and hoping to remember all of the little gifts I’ve stashed in my closet earlier in the year. So, I’m taking each night as slowly as I can and stopping to pay attention to each lovely moment.

Today was my last day of work for the year and now I’m officially on an extended holiday break. This also meant that today was a busy blur of activity so I’m definitely ready for a bit of rest in the days ahead. I think my absolute favorite part about taking a bit of vacation at home is not having to travel anywhere or wake up at any particular time. For the latter, my body always seems to wake up a the same time each morning no matter what. But, I don’t actually have to jump out of bed and can just be lazy for however long I like. That’s completely amazing and I’m totally looking forward to that bit. Our dog Phineas appreciates it as well, but insists on being fed at the same time each morning and then returning to bed. Philippe is in charge of obliging him.

Philippe and I have been watching movies each night and while they were all holiday movies, we ran out of the funny ones so we’re just going to watch some classic comedy instead. We don’t often watch dramas, unless you count documentaries, since real life provides plenty of that on its own. And we also just love silly things that are quite adult and other silly things that are totally meant for kids. Mostly, during this time of year I just have to try to keep my attention span in check so I can stay focused enough to do anything at all. I’m just so happy!! So, even if I’m not as productive as I’d like, I’m still having a blast all along the way, as I keep holding on to the holidays.

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24 thoughts on “Holding On To The Holidays

  1. You ran out of funny movies – now that’s a funny comment all by itself. Hope you watched Home Alone and A Christmas Story – those are my favorites. We also like The Nightmare Before Christmas though I’m not sure if that counts as funny. More like strange. If you’re looking for movie fun that isn’t necessarily Christmacy, try Romancing the Stone – I love that story. Your mouse getting saved by the bell is pretty cute – looks like he enjoys adventures. And I like the smiley face on the jingle bell.

  2. I got waylaid by a phone call, so I still have to frost my birthday cake. I was still making the cake at 4 o’clock. Joe got me a few gauche paints that I wanted. All I had was white and I thought it would be nice to have a few other colors of opaque paint for spattering. I too love saved by the bell! My favorite Xmas thing to watch is The Grinch cartoon. I know almost all the words now. And Joe doesn’t mind my talking along. Lol

  3. Hang in there Charlie! Couldn’t resist that. Enjoy your time off. We ended up with about 2 feet of snow today. Denis did the first cleanup with the snowplow at 4:30 this morning before he left for work. I cleanup about 2 so he could get his car into the driveway. It was cold and our snowblower is too big for me which is a workout. Sun and cold tomorrow. I hope to paint.

  4. It’s just amazing!!! So creative, soo creative! Your imagination is through the roof. Honestly, it makes me feel like I lack any sort of creativity or imagination. Your illustrations flow! You need another book – on how to achieve freedom in the mind …

    1. Thanks so much, Anna! 😃💕 Awww… I’m so happy you enjoyed this! And actually, I’m working on a storybook series that I hope will inspire folks in just that way. Freeing our minds is really all we need, the rest is already in us!

  5. So pretty, Charlie! 💜 I thought of you. On the national news, they showed a house that the owner decorated with the National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation movie theme. The owner even had a Cousin Eddie mannequin made. haha haha You should try to pull it up. Did you and Philippe watch it afterall? That’s a great funny movie.
    We had a pizza 🍕🍕🍕 night, Charlie. It was goood! 😀

  6. Oh my gosh! So funny! Hang on little mouse! You made me think of something. I have yet to finish my Christmas cards……maybe I feel if I finish them it will be the end of the season. Actually, once I get them done, then I can relax and enjoy things more. I think! We are two peas in the same pod, no focus on anything. Just flitting around singing Christmas songs! Love it!

  7. Enjoy the holiday season, Charlie! All that time off, does a body and mind good. Make the moments count and from reading your posts, you manage to keep that holiday spirit alive throughout the year! 😁👍❤️

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