For our prompt of “Poinsettia” today, I made a sketch of a little mouse hiding in some holiday decorations. We don’t actually have any actual poinsettias in our house, but I remember them well from when I was a kid. There were always a couple plants on each side of the fireplace during the holiday season, in pots covered in silver or gold foil. So, the thought of them brings back wonderful memories of my childhood home. Philippe and I have been joyfully counting down the days until Christmas, and now there are just a couple of days left. In our house, we exchange gifts on Christmas Eve night so it’s very close now! I’m super excited, but still not wanting the days to go by too quickly. Spending each day with my inner child bouncing off the ceiling is really quite fun. Though I have to admit that I find myself bouncing from one thing to the next and not really getting anything truly productive done. I’m just enjoying the glitter and light, which is really the perfect way to enjoy this most wonderful time of year!

My attention span is truly being tested as while I was typing this, I just stopped suddenly and went to wrap a couple of Philippe’s gifts. I’d promised myself to not leave them all until the last minute this year and it suddenly leapt into my mind again. There, that’s done. Not particularly well, as usual, since I’m just not great at wrapping gifts. The term gift wrapping always sounds so nice, but I just sort of hope for gift concealment. As long as whatever is inside gets relatively hidden, then I consider it a win. This bouncing around between things has been rather fun, though, I have to admit. I normally am following more of a schedule. Since I’m off work all week, I have no particular schedule to follow at all which is one of my first gifts of the season. It’s lovely to spend the day doing whatever happens to come to mind next.

Even though I wrapped a few of the gifts, I did try hiding them back in my closet since Philippe even wants to be surprised by the packages themselves. The thought of trying to figure out how to get them safely stashed in my cluttered closet, however, seemed like a hopeless game of Jenga. So, I just stashed them behind the tree instead and told Philippe to avoid looking at the left side very much for the next couple of days. I’m even more excited now, as our special food did indeed arrive today along with Philippe’s last silly gift. So we have everything for our big night and all of our little traditions will be intact this year. And, I’m thrilled to enjoy just a few more days of all the holiday beauty!

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Christmas Mouse Poinsettia Ornament Watercolor Illustration Painting Sketchbook Detail

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27 thoughts on “Holiday Beauty

  1. It’s funny. Origami? I love it and I’m not too bad. You’d think wrapping gifts would be similar. Nuh-uh. The paper and I hate each other. The tape supplies weapons to both sides. We fight and hope the gift survives! Whoever came up with the idea of decorative bags stuffed with tissue paper was a genius.

  2. Love your poinsettia & mouse. Have a wonderful Christmas Charlie & thank you for a great year of inspiration, laughs & reminders not to take life (or art) too seriously 🙂

  3. Adorable Charlie! I’m glad all of your gifts arrived. We mailed a big box of gifts to the grandchildren a week and a half ago and it only had to go across the state which is about 1 1/2 hours away. It still hasn’t arrived. They live in the same city as the only mail hub for the state. We had to tell them on the FaceTime call tonight that we hoped they would arrive soon. At least they are teenagers.

  4. Ah yes poinsettias. I painted three of those for Christmas cards, in atmospheric, and they turned out way better than I expected. I learn a lot of stuff from Art Knapp, the plant place up here — and one thing they said is no foil or cellophane wrap on the plants. Those cause the roots to form a noxious gas and kill the plant. So as soon as my pant was delivered with my grocery order I ripped the offenders off and phoned the store to enlighten them. The plant is still living but boy it wants water often.

    Your poinsettia is beautiful, very realistic and awesome. You are having so much fun!! I can just see you running around hiding gifties and looking over your shoulder to make sure Phillippe isn’t right behind you. You get a treat for that, tell him. Carry on Charlie!!

  5. The wrap isn’t what matters. It’s the inside, remember? Jesus was born in a dingy manger among animals, but WHO was inside the manger is what mattered! The season is about JOY and PEACE so your gift wrap is a minor detail. Your gift will be beautiful because it came from your heart. 💜 Philippe probably won’t even notice the gift wrap. 🎄🎅⛄🎄🎅⛄ Just curious, but what is Santa 🎅 bringing Phineas?
    Such a sweet painting, Charlie! 💜 My mother is getting ready for tamales! So is my stomach! haha haha We were 73*F and sunny today. Are you guys cold? We’re supposed to be cold for Christmas Eve and Christmas day.
    I hope you have a beautiful evening, Charlie. 💜

    1. Thanks so much, Marisela! 😃💕 Ohhhh tamales sound so good!! Yum! As for Phineas… he gets a few extra treats. He only wants things he can eat these days so we don’t get him anything more… just give him a little extra! The cold blew in today… it’s getting colder and colder here. I wish it would bring snow as well at least! 😉

  6. Joe’s picking up the last grocery order of the year tomorrow. We’re set for Xmas already, but I wanted a few things for New Years Eve. I decided on chicken biryani which I love to eat, but it takes a long time to make it, so I only really do it a couple of times a year. Hope by the time you read this, you have almost all of your wrapping done!

  7. Love your mouse doodles, Charlie 😁 And all the stories that go along with your sketches, you are a breath of fresh air! You enjoy life and give me a glimpse of my childhood from years ago. Thank you for all and Merry Christmas to you and yours! 😘

  8. So sweet! I can always tell when you have extra time to create. Your doodles have a bit more to them. I am glad to hear, you don’t use gift bags to wrap your packages! To add to this crazy year, the top portion of my Christmas lights went out yesterday. It is a prelite tree, which I did not want. ALL the bulbs will need to be replaced because they all were overcharged and burnt out. Luckily my neighbor had a small set of lights that I think I will be able to wrap around it to get us through the next few days. 2020, just needs to go away!

    1. Thanks so much, Lori! 😃💕 Oh wow! I hate it when the lights go out like that. We have a small pre-lit tree and the top half was out when we plugged it in this year. We just threw some more lights on it and it was fine! hehe

  9. Beautiful!! We are not doing much in gift giving this year..Neither of us are in great spirits..yet we did get each other something we wanted so no surprises..Too much sadness this year..I am ready for this year to be gone and pray that next year is better.

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