For our prompt of “Cookies” today, I only had 20 minutes to sketch so I made a quick and loose little doodle of an imagined plate of holiday cookies. Indeed, I didn’t have a reference at all for this one because I’ve not been able to coax Philippe into making cookies yet. Now, looking at this made-up plate of decadence I’m both craving them and realizing why it’s probably for the best that a plate like this doesn’t appear in our house. I’m not sure I possess the self control to avoid nibbling my way through them all at once. As a kid, my mother would often make cookies at various times throughout the year, but at Christmas, there would always be more of a selection. That said, will all of the lovely colors and flavors and added bits, my favorite memory was just getting a those delicious imported butter cookies. Super plain and simple, but nothing worthy of display, so they came in a metal tin with a lovely illustrated scene on top. Actually, those are still my favorite.

I remember that some of the cookies in the tin that we’d get would have a few flakes of sugar on the top. Even this was too much for me and I didn’t like that stack as well. I don’t think anyone in my family did as it was always the last stack to disappear. We won’t be visiting my family this year, so I might just have to get one of those tins so I can enjoy the cookies with them in spirit. Though indeed, I probably could do without the extra calories, but as I’ve always said, the calories during the holiday season don’t really count. There’s not really a good number you can place on pure joy, after all! Well, that’s what I tell myself every year at least. I actually saw Philippe looking at a cookie recipe the other day, but when I asked him if we was going to make some, he was as noncommittal as ever.

Right now, I’m just enjoying all of our sparkling Christmas lights around me. We normally wait until evening to turn them on, but I just couldn’t wait any longer. Some of the lights twinkle and others are simply dots of warm white light and the entire effect is perfectly magical! While I know what makes all this so special is that it only arrives once a year, I could totally live in a room with sparkling lights all year long and be quite happy. Tonight we may watch another holiday movie or special to double down on the mood. Normally, we’re out in the world shopping and hearing Christmas music the entire month of November, but not this year. So, I’m ready for some music and cheer as we countdown the days. There are lots of wonderful things heading my way and I’m so excited for the days ahead. Even if they may or may not come with holiday cookies.

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42 thoughts on “Holiday Cookies

  1. We have even more reason to be joyful and jolly this Christmas: vaccines. It certainly is hopeful that this “season” is coming to an end and that we will return to our normal, regular lives. I am hopeful. Next year, we can have a blow out Christmas! We can party and shop and hug people and travel and visit and just LIVE! What a wonderful day it will be, Charlie. Life as we knew it—boring yet wonderful. haha Cute painting. I sure do hope that Philippe will make you some cookies soon. Hey, remind him that Santa needs cookies to keep up his strength as he travels the world. And then, snag ’em. haha haha

  2. Charlie worry about fats and cholesterol, not calories. Yes I don’t like white sugar either. I mix my natural cocoa (Hershey’s in Canada) with milk and boiling water . Superb. Why don’t you surpirse Phillippe and make some Scotch shortbread? golden yellow sugar, butter (I use Becel margarine, has Omega 3 and no bad stuff, also Canadian), and flour. Even I can do that. Then you need it til it starts to crack a bit, the dough does. Then you plut it on a cooky sheet and press it down a bit, make designs with a fork if you are less lazy than I, and cook it at 250 for 40 minutes, something like that.

    1. Aww you’re too sweet to think I could bake something! 😃💕 lol I mostly avoid the kitchen because I’m more afraid of burning something and ruining a pan of Philippe’s so I steer clear. But that sounds delicious!

  3. Out of curiosity while shopping the other day, I picked up a really cheap box of a Mexican brand of cookies. They looked a bit like baby biscuits, so I thought ‘eh’, enough to stop my craving if I’m going bats, but not enough to make me crave more. Wrong! They are so tasty, I have to slap myself every time I walk past the cupboard. Fortunately, each cookie is tiny – about 1/2 inch by 1 inch. So I can eat 2-3. I just have to limit how often!

    1. Just curious, but what kind of cookies are they? Polvorones? Polvorones are little flat cookies rolled in cinnamon sugar. And they’re addictive. Yummy. 💜 Disfruta tus galletas! Enjoy your cookies! Feliz Navidad, Sandra! 🎄⛄

  4. What’s better than a cookie post?! A calorie-free cookie post! Have hundreds of you DW’s gone to a Christmas cookie exchange? Oh my goodness. I did–once, and shared that mountain of carbs to the five neighborhood girls on our cul-de-sac who were like stick figures. Still shake my head in amazement at DNA.

    Another question for anyone and everyone is: “Do you love egg nog?” I find it’s a “love it or leave it” holiday massive caloric “meal.” Supermarket egg nog is good, but we have Royal Crest Dairy here in Denver that used to offer pints, just PINTS, as their only size. A few years ago they went to quarts. Talking my language now. I’m assuming because there are others who must attend “Egg Nog Anonymous” each January 1. The worst visual I repeat in my head each Christmas is that of my husband surreptitiously, and in horror, watching me glug down a pint of that glorious, thick white stuff, with the ‘fridge door wide open–making any glasses unnecessary. In my defense, my first two glasses were actually IN a crystal glass, sprinkled with a dash of nutmeg. At some point that day, I decided to eliminate the middle man, and that’s were my husband Frank comes in.

    I’d LOVE to hear your favorite drink or memorable egg nog stories, my fellow DW pals! Or your particular “one thing?” I’m always happy to learn about others’ tastes.


    1. Girl, you are speaking my language! I love egg nog. I agree about glasses. The first two servings I try to be well-mannered, but it doesn’t last. haha haha I am in San Antonio and part of our culture (Mexican-American) is bunuelos. Oh, baby! Granted, I love the tamales, but bunuelos are special. That cinnamony sugary treat. Yum, yum, yum. Especially the little ones. 💜 Feliz Navidad! 🎄⛄🎄⛄

    2. Thanks so much, Fanna! 😃💕 Yeah, the calorie-free doodlewash cookie is one of the best kinds! As for Egg Nog, I love it! We used to make it from scratch when I was a kid and my mother still says that her eggnog is the only acceptable kind. She doesn’t like the kind from the stores.

  5. A wonderfully festive display of goodness Charlie! We always had plates of various cookies and candy that my mom would make and put out for holiday parties. I would always try to sneak extras of my favorites. If there were enough guests she wouldn’t notice. 😉

  6. My Aunt Becki makes the best cutout sugar cookies in the world! When she brought a tray of Xmas cookies to our house I would sneak as many of the sugar cookies as I could and hide them for just myself! Between that and opening my gifts ahead of time, I realize what a sneaky kid I was! I also accidentally on purpose found my engagement ring before Joe gave it too me. He still doesn’t know about that! Shhh!

  7. Oh yum! I remember the Christmas cookies my mother would make. Those old fashioned cookie cutters- Santa, from the side, carrying his bag, the Christmas tree, the star and bell. Frosted with the different colored icing and sprinkles. Oh, the memories! And then the dish of different kinds of hard Christmas candy. The kind that came with those ribbon pieces. Haven’t thought of those in a very long time. I don’t know if they even make those anymore. I do miss those wonderful years.

  8. Mmmm Charlie they appear to be eminating Christmas magic because we’re all under the Christmas cookie spell! I knew I loved you Doodlewashers for more than art! The last time I baked Christmas cookies I was possessed by the Spirit of Christmastime Remodeling Chaos! Our home had to be refloored and we were sleeping in the kitchen. I literally had to move our mattress so the oven wouldn’t scorch my quilt. I just really wanted to do something nice for the installers for the two days before Christmas so I made them cookies, lots of cookies! Just like Santa they finished on Christmas eve, but they probably didn’ t eat another Christmas cookie for a loooong time!

  9. Good enough to eat! I spy those sugar cookies with the cherry on top! My grandmother would make hundreds of cookies and bring them down when they came to visit. She must have baked for months! I never inherited that gene. Living in a house with 2/3 men, they like chocolate chip cookies. Period. Have a great weekend! St. Nicholas arrives Saturday night to fill stockings. I pulled this family tradition off for my son all his younger years. It is not celebrated out here in the West. One my favorite achievements as a mother!

  10. Hello Charlie,

    Mmmm those cookies look scrumptious! Your sketch and post made me go to the kitchen and nibble on a peanut butter chocolate chip cookie. Thank heavens my cousin sent a batch just yesterday! Or craving cookies and not getting any would have been cruel. For you, Im sending the Cookie Fairy to whisper a spell into Phillipe’s ear while he sleeps. Hopefully it’ll work and one of these days you’ll wake up to the house smelling of freshly baked cookies. 😉 Just promise to eat a cookie on my behalf when that happens!


    1. Thanks so much, Mugdha! 😃💕 Oh yay that you got a batch of cookies. Though of course I’m a touch jealous! hehe And truly thank for sending that Cookie Fairy my way … hopefully Philippe will hear the whispers!

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