For our prompt of “Pie” today, the first type of pie that came to mind was pecan pie as I mentioned that in an earlier post and have now been craving it ever since. So I made a sketch of a little baby squirrel sneaking a bite from a slice. I imagine all of the pecans would disappear rather quickly were a baby squirrel to actually find some pie like this one. My own method of eating pecan pie would be simply to use a fork, of course, but without an actual slice of pie around, I was free to imagine whatever I like. Typically, there would be a slice waiting for me in Texas and I would be visiting my family there this weekend, but with the current state of the world, we’ve postponed that visit for a few more months. I was able to chat with my mother today, however, so that was quite lovely indeed. Though there’s no promise of pie this season, there’s still plenty of love and happiness to be found.

As another weekend comes to a close, I realized that we’ve almost made it through the first full week of December. I have no clue why, but this month seems to be flying by this year and I just want it to slow down a bit. As excited as I get for Christmas, and I’m a complete child when it comes to my enthusiasm for the big day ahead, I don’t want it to end too soon. There are still many more lovely nights to experience as Philippe and I enjoy our countdown together. As I mentioned, we have a French advent calendar filled with magic tricks that he then has to perform for me each evening. At least, he has to perform them first as I can’t read French well enough to figure out how the heck the trick is done. But, it’s super fun and I’m excited to see what sort of magic he has in store for me this evening.

Beyond that, he has green beans slow cooking that we are going to have for dinner. This is significant in that it’s the way my grandmother used to cook them and I love the way they taste. It’s not, however, the way that Philippe normally cooks them. His are more that ever healthful bright green and crunchy variety. This version is the wildly cooked version, full of amazing flavor, that you barely have to chew. So, I’m rather thrilled that I finally talked him into trying it. I showed him the pecan pie I sketched to see if that might also spark something as he likes this kind as well. But, he just smiled and said it was pretty and didn’t seem to fully take the hint. I guess I shouldn’t be greedy, since I’m getting my green beans, after all. Sometimes a treat isn’t the one you first expect, but something even better. So I’m going to thoroughly enjoy my slow cooked green beans while I remember all of my wonderful family memories and those delicious holiday desserts.

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Pecan Pie Fork Plate Baby Squirrel Watercolor Illustration Painting Sketchbook Detail

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29 thoughts on “Holiday Desserts

  1. Awww, cute, Charlie! Hope Philippe surprises you and you get your pecan pie! Enjoy your green beans- I love them and most veggies. I agree, December seems to be flying by too soon. Even though, I’m in a hurry for this year to be gone, way too much sadness. Praying next year is much, much better. Enjoy each and every moment!!

  2. Sweet squirrel and delicious looking pie, Charlie! We have an army of squirrels in our yard and I enjoy watching their antics. They have been very busy hunting and burying acorns lately. I do wonder how they ever remember where they’ve hidden them. Hmm…something to research.

  3. Our big pot of chicken veg soup is in the instapot! I dig one pot cooking and meals-simple food-simple girl. I am taking a few minutes out of Christmas card painting to check in, but pies, I dare say, are not part of my repetoire either. But oh, how I can see myself as that little squirrel, with a futon-sized piece of pie! Yummmm😋 You know what that means for me now Charlie? I’ll probably have a date/almond roll with my tea or cacao later-satisfies my latent sweet tooth!😄😆

  4. Sorry, Charlie, but green beans are not an equal trade for a piece of pie. haha haha Those green beans remind me of our favorite Chinese food restaurant, Chopsticks. They have the best green beans. I don’t know how they are cooked, but they are delish and have a lovely snap when you take a bite. I miss eating there, but SOON! 💖 Such a lucky squirrel!

  5. Oh my gosh that is so cute. I absolutely love that little squirrel and those pecans would be gone in 10 minutes ;). Squirrels have a bit of a sweet tooth too. I so look forward each day to your pictures and posts Charlie. They give me joy 🙂 🙂

  6. Pecan pie is my favorite! I’m thinking of making one for Xmas.

    I hope you’ll report back how Philippe liked the beans. If I was a betting woman, I’d say he doesn’t like them. They are an acquired taste. I like them okay, but I think I’ve only made them three times in my life. It’s a sign of true love when someone cooks something for you that they would never make or eat themselves!

  7. He is darling! So sweet. And of course the rest of the sketch is wonderful. Makes me want some pecan pie, that I have not had in a million years!

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